Thursday, 26 April 2012

TTN Visits: MEATLiquor, London

Why hello there!! So, its been a busy busy few weeks but i did manage to visit a restaurant that i had to tell you all about. Just behind Oxford street- near to 'Forever21' is a restaurant that goes by the name 'MeatLiquor'. In fact, i feel the word 'resturant' is slightly inappropriate as its more like some deep south dark drinking hole that you can imagine having a appearance in a film like the 'Hangover' (or something along those lines).... basically its amazing and definitely one for the man in your life- although its not exactly 'romantic date night' venue...

So, what do you need to know?
1. You cant book. so get there early (about 5ish) to avoid a massive wait.
2. Drinks are served in jam jars - even wine.
3. Its dark. Very dark in side- which totally adds to the vibe.
4. There aren't any plates. Yes- no plates. So don't wear anything white!!
5. Its bloody cool.

The food was everything you would expect from a eatery with the name 'MeatLiquor'... although not as greasy as i expected. I ordered the 'Dead hippy' burger....