Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Keeeeeeeeeenwaaaaaaaaaaaa (formerly known as Quinoa)

So, Its the summer. We've all spent endless months toiling away with diet after diet. Struggling to the gym to get our workouts done. Then one day- when it didnt rain for a whole day.. the smell of that bitter-sweet smoke drifts across your garden. Yes... its BBQ season.

Okay, so i know that today its been horrendous thunderstorms... but it has been a hot weekend and not the last one we will see I'm sure.

The BBQ... bread, salad dressings, fatty burgers and sausages (well it is what makes them taste sooo damn good), the buttery corn-on-the-cob, the cheese on the burgers, the glorious potatoes... okay, you get the picture. But what about all that high protein, no carbs, low fat, high fibre, no fun diet you've been on since march?? Do not worry... I have a little secret to share with you all that might help you to keep that protein high...

Raw Quinoa

The day i got a Manolo Blahnik ... or Accessories make the outfit...

Yes people, you did read that title correctly.. huzzah! A Manolo in my closet. A Manolo Blahnik for Liberty London to be precise... and here she is (drum roll please):

                                                                Isn't she ADORABLE???

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Foundation,, more like AMAZING!!!

The Boy turns the ripe age of 24 years this month and a group of us went out for some cocktailing in London. I had read about Foundation (http://www.foundation-bar.co.uk) located just off Covent Garden and decided that should be out port of call after a large Mexican feast....

TTN Visits: Polpo, Soho

So i realised that i have still not written up my piece regarding my slightly mixed up visit to Polpo (www.polpo.co.uk). Although it is yet another fabulous food offering from Norman & Beatty, it was not the intended place to fill my stomach. I had intended to visit their very new restaurant DA polpo... (see what they did there). Thankfully it was not a regret in the slightest and other customers also got slightly confused and had ended up there.

So Polpo (meaning Octopus in Italian) can be located just at the end of Carnaby Street. Go past American Apparel and turn left.