Saturday, 20 April 2013

My food finds- April 2013

So as I stared at my empty fridge this morning, I was reminded that I really needed to blog to you guys about foods that have recently found their way into my shopping trolley...

Saturday, 13 April 2013

TTN Visits: Dishoom Bombay Cafe, Shoreditch...

Admittedly a tad delayed, this small blog post is all about my visit to Dishoom in Shoreditch about 2 weeks ago.

Dishoom describes itself as a 'Bombay cafe in London' and it first came to my attention a few summers back when I read about its summertime pop up on Southbank and sadly didn’t get to go.... anyway, after 2 failed attempts to get a cheeky un-reserved seat in its Covent Garden site- The Boy and myself decided to try our luck in Shoreditch. (After 6pm you are advised to make a prebooking for tables of 6 or more FYI).

On arrival to the dimly lit but (in my opinion) highly authentic feeling restaurant, we were made to feel really welcome by staff and after 30 minutes of waiting (or should that be drinking at the bar) we were seated and eager to tuck in!