Saturday, 31 December 2011

Forever 21 purchases Dec 2011

Thanks to a wonderful online blogger/internet friend of mine, Sarah (the mastermind behind this blog here) I finally discovered what exactly Forever 21 was all about. And boy was i glad i did!

Newly opened on Oxford Street this year (near footlocker), I have not stopped seeing young girls with bright pink bags parading around the area. So one particularly dreary London day, i decided to go and check it out in person.

The best way to describe the store and its items is Topshop meets New Look with a similar vibe as H&M. The prices are unbelievable- dresses for around £18, jumpers for £15, shoes for around £18 and the accessories... well how i managed to visit and not buy a single item is a complete mystery to me (£4 for necklaces, anyone?)...

Here is what i bought..

Latte/Nude platform shoes - £18.67