Friday, 25 April 2014

TTN Visits: Voglia Di Pizza, Rome

Eating Gluten Free in Rome was not as easy as i expected. Okay, so I am known for romanticising everything but I did expect every shop to be able to offer me an abundance of Gluten free goodies seeing as Italians are renowned for their love of food. If you are a big pasta eater, and yet need to live Gluten free, then you will have no problem finding a bowl of gluten free Pasta to feast on. I haven't ever been a big Pasta eater so although grateful, was a little deflated. My real weakness is Pizza and boy was I happy to stumble upon little Voglia Di Pizza in San'Eustachio region of Rome..

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Rome 2014

As I sit at my desk with a cup of tea, flicking through my photo's  taken during our City Break to Rome I feel thankful that I took so many because quite frankly it all felt like a dream. A hot, sunny, carb-filled Italian dream. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

TTN Visits: W Hotel London (for Gluten Free Afternoon Tea)

Warning: This post comes with high levels of moaning.

TTN Reviews: Purition™ Fuelled by Nature Protein

Being a regular runner these days (wahey), the one thing that doesn't change is the feeling of seriously needing food the minute I return from a run. Purition very kindly agreed to send me some sachets of their Gluten free  formula and I couldn't wait to get stuck in....