Monday, 17 December 2012

Simply, having a wonderful Christmas tiiiiimmmeee...

Ah, things are really starting to feel Christmassy now. The drop in temperature and plenty of crisp sunny days has helped to boost my Christmas feeling - that and seeing plenty of Londoners in Christmas jumpers when in the pub!

This cold weather has also left me wanting to purchase some skin treats - that and a stupid Dermatologist prescribing me Retinol cream when she shouldn't have, I must take my hat off to women who voluntarily pay for a chemical peel. Stupid and so not worth it- my Retinol supplies have since made their way quickly to the bin.

But there is a knight -ess in shining armour within the affordable skin product world: Liz Earle. I am sighing in adoration for this brand as I type this. Liz Earle uses naturally active ingredients to give your face a big metaphorical hug- whatever your skin type. After the Retinol incident- I looked like a burn victim and so needed emergency rehydration/soothing STAT (always wanted to find a way to use that word in a sentence, ER anyone?) and a Bag of magic was soon in my grasp..

Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Shopping in London 2012

So, this year I am determined to find and buy as many christmas presents as possible without setting foot on trusty old Oxford Street. Don't get me wrong- OS and Regent street are fabulous and i feel very lucky to be there in 20 minutes via a bus but I don't think i can be bothered with the crowds this year, also The Boy simply would not come with me if I even suggested the West end and I need someone to hold my bags ;) .

So, if you are visiting London or a Dweller such as myself, then here are a few spots I have been browsing (yes i did say browsing when talking about Christmas Shopping):

TTN Visits: Taste of Christmas 2012

I thought I would rest my tired feet by blogging about my visit today to Taste of Christmas 2012 at the Excel Centre, London. I had a lovely time last year, and when i saw '' was doing a ticket offer for this years- i snapped a pair of tickets up.