Under construction but for now  I thought i would stress the following things about my blog:

Do I earn Money from TTN?
I do not earn any money from my blog posts, it is purely a hobby at the moment (which i enjoy immensely). Any links you see in my posts have been put there to give my lovely readers futher information on what I've blogged about (usually websites and stockists of products).

Product reviews...
Sometimes Companies send me samples of their Products that I review on this blog. When this happens, my opinions remain true and are not biased. I alway state in my posts if I have been given samples or if its a food product I have purchased myself.

If you work for a food company and would like me to review a Product of yours, then please get into contact with me thetrendynutritionist@hotmail.com or via Twitter (@TTNLondon)

Am I a Nutritionist?
I came up with a name 'The Trendy Nutritionist' whilst studying for an accredited BSc (Hons) degree in Nutrition at University. At the moment I am not a working Nutritionist but one day I plan to return to my studies to qualify to be. I always will advise you to seek professional advice from a Registered Dietitian or Registered Nutritionist (this can be done by a referral from your GP) should you need it.

Thanks for reading,

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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