Tuesday, 30 July 2013

TTN Reviews: "Big Shotz" Vitamin & Mineral Juice drink by Shotz Health

Always on the lookout for new foodie products to try out- I was thrilled that the lovely team at Shotz Health agreed to send me a few samples of their Mango & Passion fruit flavoured ‘Big Shotz’ juice drink!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

TTN Visits: Burger & Lobster

Hey Hey

Whilst I remember to, I thought I would post a little something about my visit last night to 'Burger and Lobster' (I went to the Bread St restaurant which is next door to One New Change).

I have wanted to try out Burger and Lobster since it opened at its first location in Mayfair in 2012... I actually have never had a lobster dinner but have tried bits of other peoples years ago, so I was really interested in the idea of tucking into something as posh as a lobster and fries with friends.