Saturday, 20 April 2013

My food finds- April 2013

So as I stared at my empty fridge this morning, I was reminded that I really needed to blog to you guys about foods that have recently found their way into my shopping trolley...

First up - Genius Seeded loaf.
This has to be the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. As you all know, I decided to say goodbye to Wheat, Gluten and Dairy(ish) in my diet in my quest to feel as healthy as possibly in my fight against MS. Although I don’t miss many of these types of foods - out of convenience and comfort I have recently found myself yearning for a piece of toast... but I shall yearn no more, because this bread is the answer to my prayers. It smells like 'normal' bread, is soft like a normal loaf and has the same texture as a normal loaf. MAGIC I tell you. At £3 a loaf, it's not cheap but I don’t want to OD on this so the price means I savour every last slice!

Second - Ombar Probiotic, dairy free chocolate
As I don't eat yoghurt or drink dairy drinks - I have been worried about how I can consume some good bacteria for my gut without taking supplements. This little beauty of a bar, available in Plain, Green Tea or Goji berry flavours (more on their website), instantly was in my trolley. Containing a type of probiotic bacteria that survives the chocolate making process AND being dairy free I am in heaven. You only need a few squares at a time to get a chocolate fix so it does last you a few days. I bought mine from Tesco’s for £2.37.

Thirdly - Carluccio's Coconut and Chocolate cake
Okay so this cake is amazing. I stumbled upon it one weekend with my parents when we decided to shelter from the freezing weather with a cup of tea and something sweet until dinner... It is moist, chocolaty and the coconut doesn’t overwhelm- I have since dropped by Carluccios to purchase a slice of this a number of times to take home for my pudding of a Sunday. I am really interested to see if my local Carluccio's do gluten free menu after this wonderful find!

Picked up on a whim, these are super useful to have in my cupboard for those moments when I just fancy something with a crunch. Great topped with hummus (or cream cheese for you dairy eaters), these crispbreads taste like a plain 'wotsit' and I have to really stop myself from eating the whole box every time!

Fifthly (??) - Byron Bay White chocolate and Macadamia cookies
These are so good that my Gluten, Wheat and dairy loving boyfriend will regularly ask for one. Again, I don’t eat these every day but sometimes when I have an afternoon cup of tea, I just fancy a biscuit so I always have a box in my cupboard.

Sixth - Warburton’s Gluten free fruit loaf
WHY did I not discover this when it was Easter? Tastes like a Hot Cross Bun. Who doesn’t like a HCB?

I think I will leave my list there - my next mission is to try more dairy free options and continue to try more GF menus in restaurants!

Any food products you guys love at the moment? I would love to hear about them! :)

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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