Saturday, 27 July 2013

TTN Visits: Burger & Lobster

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Whilst I remember to, I thought I would post a little something about my visit last night to 'Burger and Lobster' (I went to the Bread St restaurant which is next door to One New Change).

I have wanted to try out Burger and Lobster since it opened at its first location in Mayfair in 2012... I actually have never had a lobster dinner but have tried bits of other peoples years ago, so I was really interested in the idea of tucking into something as posh as a lobster and fries with friends.

The menu is limited- you can have a burger, a lobster roll or a lobster. Perfect for people like me- I am always the last person to decide on what to order at a restaurant. I went for steamed Lobster served with garlic butter, skinny fries and salad- not bad for £20!

The lobster arrived and the very friendly waitress showed me how to tackle the crustacean to get the most meat- i personally left the brown meat but apparently its a very rich taste and popular if you like pate (?). The meat was sweet and soft- almost like a piece of white fish but with a sweet tang. I was very grateful for the obligatory bib and wet wipe!

The fries were a good portion but i think they could have done with being a bit more crispy as they reminded me of a chip from the golden arches. The salad was the most disappointing- pre dressed in oil and balsamic vinegar, it had gone completely soggy which was a shame.

The drink prices range from £4.50 for a beer, £9.50 for a cocktail and a bottle of Prosecco was £42 (shocking! You can buy a great Prosecco for £8 a bottle in the supermarket but i guess this was with a lobster dinner).

The atmosphere was lovely - not too loud but buzzy and even on a small table, we were comfortable.

I would recommend this restaurant if you have a birthday or special occasion to celebrate with someone who fancies something a bit special but wants to feel comfortable dressed in jeans and swigging a beer.

I have found in this great factsheet from the Shellfish Association of Great Britain here - it seems Mr Lobster is a great choice!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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