Wednesday, 28 February 2018

BRB London

I know, I know. What kind of Post Subject is that after many months yet again of nothing. What can I say, I’m sorry.

The short blurb of what has been an eventful longer story is that I am leaving my rental in my beloved London for a ‘stint’ of a return back to my childhood home in Surrey. I’m using the word ‘stint’ as the thought of no longer being a Zone 2 resident on a permanent basis just hurts too much. I have made this pro-active forced change decision to ‘move-out to move-back’.  Yes, I’m voluntarily creating change in my Life, stop the press. The end result of this change, I’m hoping, will be:
 * Some headspace to calmly approach Life again
·   * Healthy Routines again- and hopefully better sleep
·   * A positive return to London, where I actually live IN London
·   * Some extra cash in my pocket once more after years of just about making do 
·   * Some healing….. a story for another time

Sometimes in life there are moments of change that you cannot do a thing about no matter how hard you would like to, and other moments when it is in your hands. What I am about to do is about as close to freefalling as an anxious, always-needs-some-control, planner du jour, independence craving person like me will ever get. Sorry, there will never be a post on sky diving or last minute gap years from me! (But hey, 12 days in the Philippeans wasn’t too shabby, eh?)

Am I excited? um depends on the moment my train of thought is in when you ask. Am I nervous? er yeah, I feel like I’m going back-to-school. Do I have my next step sorted yet? Vaguely, ish, not really, oh god-someone help me!

During my London Time Out stint I am hoping I find the time to put finger to keyboard properly once more, meaning I use my time when in London (I work here still) to create content to write about once more. Okay so my blog content wasn’t exactly amazing before buuuut practice makes perfect after all!

So for now, London, I have not become tired of you. I have not fallen out of love with your ways. I just feel I have started to be unappreciative of you, using you to hide in and ignoring all the offerings you present to me. I’ll be back.

xxx TTN xxx

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