Friday, 25 March 2011

Hello!... (is it me you're looking for...)

Wow! I cannot believe i actually managed to create one of these Blog things all by myself (pat on the back to me)...So what is this 'Trendy Nutritionist' all about i hear you enquire?.....Basically, I am a Nutrition student.. well i will be until May 2011 when the degree ends and I become an accredited nutritionist (oooo).... and seeing that I am one who likes to talk talk talk, and have a serious interest in food and fashion, this blog thing seemed like an amazing idea.

My blog will be full of general nutrition/food adventures of mine as well as the odd fashion related post thrown in for good measure (alothough i do not pretend to be A.Wintour so my rambles may just be exactly that- a ramble). I am also hoping to take you guys through my diets that I have a crack at through the year (the first being the intense Dukan diet- TBC). Maybe with some photographical evidence thrown in for good measure!

A bit about the Blogger: Champagne taste, Beer money (although i tend to buy the champagne anyway)... Love London, Sunbathing, Taking photos, Aztec History, Vintage, Mascara, Assam Tea,Cocktails, Shoes (they ALWAYS fit) and Liberty prints.

So... Thanks for reading. I have never done this before, so bear with me and I am sure this will be all worth our time! :)


xxx TTN xxx

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