Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 1: Dukan Diet Dukanation

Okay, so as promised, I have begun my journery to lose weight and stay thin forever!
General feeling of uncertainty surrounding the whole eating-only-meat-for-5-days-straight  thing but with the help of Vitabiotics vitamin supplements i am hoping to avoid any vitamin dieficencies and general horribleness associated with lack of fibre in the diet.

Current weight at 10:30am: 10stone 2 pounds - which i know is heavy but its not that bad considering i have done no exercise for 6 weeks, and been living on a diet of resturant food, wine, stress and cake. My BMI is 24.9 (which to be honest is horrendous as i am boarderline healthy weight)

Goal weight: 9 stone (anything less is a major bonus) bringing my BMI down to a lovely 22.1.
Usually i am not a huge fan of relying on the BMI score as it doesnt seperate fat from muscle weight. But seeing as this diet doesnt need portion control or calorie counts i guess anything goes...

Breakfast: 1/4 tub of onken fat free probiotic natural yoghurt (mixed with some low fat probiotic)
                 2 tsp of oat bran (brought from holland and barrett)
                 Mug of tea with skimmed milk (and none of my beloved agave nectar) :(

I have read how nasty this mix of bran and yoghurt tastes but actually i quite enjoyed it. It really filled me up and the lack of sugar left me without that horrible furry sensation you feel when you have sugar in your tea or cereals. Boring as it is, it has def has dulled my tastebuds (win).

Lunch: 10 seafood sticks
             Rosehip and Hibiscus tea
            1 pint of tap water

Dinner: Spatchcock Pouisson oven roasted and skin then taken off.   Outer wings not eaten.
               1 pint of tap water
               White tea- avoids the disspointing taste of tea without sugar.

One thing i noticed was hard for me, was in our fridge we have some gorgeous innocent orange juice and a huge punnet of fresh rasberries. Both are favourite things for me to snack on, and both are forbidden :( I am a huge fan of fruit and veg so this 'attack' phase is going to be frustrating as our fridge is always full of lovely 5 a day items.

Exercise: 40 minute walk to Reigate, where i had 1 pint of diet coke in the pub with a friend. Diet coke is allowed due to its addition of a sweetner called Aspartame which is drived from pith (the white stuff you usually remove from orange segments before eating- fun fact for you).

Day 2 of 4 begins tomorrow. I have just been invited to dinner in 4 days time so i think i will have to do a bit of protein and veggie mixing because i will get some odd looks at the table if i just order meat.

Stay fabulous

xxx TTN xxx


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