Friday, 30 November 2012

TTN Visits: 'Pret-a-Portea' at The Berkeley

As this Post has been made possible due to it being a present given to The Boy for his birthday, I let him choose a song for the title and I am pleased to see he chose a Rolling Stones tune (5 years and I have trained him well)...

I feel this post needs little writing as I am hoping my photos will attempt to show off how fabulous the experience really was. This afternoon tea has a wonderful twist to its menu by encorporating the current fashions into its food- Food AND Fashion? Totally up my street! I'm not going to go into too much menu detail as I wouldnt want to totally ruin the surprise for anyone thinking of booking this but I do feel you need to know:

1. One of the Sandwiches is Crab and Olive - it took me a number of plate refills (3) to work this out and i left feeling considerably heavier than when I arrived
2. This was a gift bought for The Boy- and he loved it. Admittedly he didnt really give a hoot about the fashion presentation but he did love the funky atomosphere and delicious cakes
3. You can have refills- so don't feel disheartened when you see the small-ish stack presented to you- I was so happy when they told me that yes, I could have another round and more tea
4. The china is designed by Paul Smith- I loved it and was very very tempted to try sneak a tea cup in my handbag but decided against it (FYI I do not make a habit of stealing)

If you fancy buying this lovely experience for someone (Christmas gift, perhaps?) or simply treating yourself and a friend for a day in SW1 then take a look here for booking info...

I walked off some of the sugar by browsing around Harvey Nichols Food Hall and walking all the way to Carnaby Street (Lots of sugar means I can't sit still)... It was a lovely day :)

Lots of love

xxx TTN xxx

P.S If you are looking for a gluten free tea then The Berkeley can swap the cakes for Gluten Free Upcakes so just ask :)

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