Friday, 7 December 2012

TTN Visits: Taste of Christmas 2012

I thought I would rest my tired feet by blogging about my visit today to Taste of Christmas 2012 at the Excel Centre, London. I had a lovely time last year, and when i saw '' was doing a ticket offer for this years- i snapped a pair of tickets up.

Admittedly, I haven't been feeling all that festive so far this year -I even found that the lights in central London weren't exactly show stopping, WHY would you make Marmite a theme? (however, Marmite is high in B vitamins so get spreading on some wholemeal toast this winter people). But after a few hours at the TOC this year I have been given a kick start to my festive mood.
A lovely choir who were cracking out some groovy tunes

Taste of Christmas is a great event for any foodie looking to have a day trying new foods, beverages and watching top chefs passing on some cooking tips. I got to watch Jamie Oliver and Rachel Allen this year- I have a bit of a crush on old JO if you must know. I think it's his passion towards food that attracts me.... anyway...
Mr Oliver making something delicious
Rachel Allen -she's so lovely
I was really pleased to see a number of stalls exhibiting gluten free and dairy free foods, as well as many stalls really pushing healthy food items. For fellow MSer's, following a Gluten and Dairy free diet has led to me experiencing a reduction in symptoms (I have massively reduced G and D in my diet but not cut out totally... yet). For those looking to reduce Christmas bloat this year - avoid gluten/wheat products and I can guarantee that you will feel better in no-time. There was plenty of booze to sample as well - always a winner at this time of year :)

So my hoard from this years Taste of Christmas included:
- Chocolate and Chili herbal tea from Neptune Tea (Chocolate and Tea is a winner fo' sho')
- Propercorn popcorn in Worcester sauce flavour (hello, 94kcals a bag and high in fibre)
- Denhays West Sussex Bacon
- Pussy energy drink which contains echineacia (a immune booster- perfect for this time of year)
- Some baubles - well it IS a Christmas fair afterall.
- A selection of beers (to keep The Boy happy for an evening)

Jamie Oliver has his pop up at the exhibition, serving baps and stews. For a large tapas style portion you are looking at around £4- so lovely to be able to sample some of JO's food without a silly pricetag for once.
JO Lamb Kofte with spicy slaw
There was also 2 up-and-coming street food names to buy food from:
- The Bowler - which was serving gourmet giant meatballs
- HIX street trailer - serving 'fish- dogs' (read: fish finger sandwiches, SUCH a winner)
The Bowler van
It was a lovely day out, but for those planning on going either this year (or next) - Take lots of moolah with you, you'll need it.
Having lots of fun in a Mini Cooper photobooth- yes that is a Turkey hat!

How are YOU kicking off you festive feeling? Whatever you do, embrace the cold- get wrapped up and go outside for some festive fun :)

Lots of love


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