Saturday, 19 January 2013

'I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out....'

Well, Happy New Year to you!

2013. A new year, a new start. 365 days of newness awaited us all as of 1st January.

A new year was something that I was itching to get on and experience after a very turbulent 2012. So you would expect i would have made a number of new years resolutions, no? No I haven't. I want to make long term changes in my life, not ones that always fall at the first hurdle like a resolution always does- no matter how hard i try.

First stop for 2013: Gaining control of my life.
MS has an unfortunate way of barging in and snatching the reins from you when you least expect it. But I'm a stubborn individual who doesn't do sharing, and this body of mine is exactly that, it's MINE. Cue: Rocky style music.
Using my nutritional education and general love of the food industry, I am on a the slow road to changing and moulding my life,starting with my diet. Already I am seeing the results that I want to see i.e. Less and less episodes of symptoms.

I have cut out 90% of Wheat, Gluten & Dairy from my diet, Im not yet ready to commit to the full 100%. How do i know this is working? The moment I treat myself to food that contains either all three or one of this trio of foods - I get symptoms. In my case this manifests itself as sharp Pins and Needles in my left side or a slight touch of glove hand (meaning i feel like i am wearing a glove).

I have always known that Wheat & Dairy cause many negative reactions within people as they trigger inflammation, and so are usually the food types that people have to cut out when their bodies are demonstrating that it is unhappy (Stomach issues, headaches etc). But it wasn't until I stumbled upon the fabulous MSDietForWomen site that I was reminded of this and finally knew what I needed to do. Okay so I admit that my favourite meal is still a big fat Burger with Cheese but that is my treat when I have one and even then I end up leaving the bun.

So foods I avoid are:

- Wheat & Gluten:
Bread & Pasta are the mains ones i avoid as I always get symptoms after eating. But Gluten seems to get in everywhere!
- Heavily processed foods or sauces
 To be honest when a tomato sauce contains 25 ingredients - do I really want to put it in my trolley?
- Dairy:
I still have my morning cup of Assam with skimmed milk,and allow myself maybe 15 grams of grated cheese for a topping on occasion (Chili con Carne needs a sprinkle sometimes) but I now avoid as much as possible.
- Caffeine: 
I have my morning cuppa and that's it. If i need the energy boost I always have a Banana or a B Vitamin tablet ready, especially at work.

I am also taking a Vitamin D supplement as I have been tested as being low in the D and there is only so many eggs i can eat!

The result is that I have not only shed my steroid weight, but I feel like I have shed a few additional pounds too! Always a winner. Even more of a winner when I am having to make trips to Topshop to buy something that fits!

FYI: This is totally do-able for anyone.
Whether you have MS, or want to lose weight ,or want your hair to grow, or your skin to clear up, or help improve your experience of living with other conditions. Look at your diet. Really look at your diet and I could bet that there will be something you can change that could really make you feel the way you WANT to feel. Just spend some time gaining proper safe advice and if you can, go see a qualified nutritionist or find a dietitian near you to be super safe. These people have spend years training in the power of food and can point you in the right direction.

So, a rather text filled post for you but I hope it has helped give you ideas on diet changes you could make. Check out MS Diet for Women, Kim is lovely and works really hard to help support us MS-ers!

Hope January has been lovely for you, and leave a comment if you wish!

P.S I am having issues with Blogger and can't upload photos but I'll make up for this next time!

Lots of love

xxx TTN xxx


  1. Thank you so much for the kind mention Katie! I just know 2013 is going to be a great year for you! Looking forward to more blog posts from you! Kim

  2. Hey there fellow nutritionist. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. Love your blog concept; the trendy nutritionist - mixing fashion and nutrition, which is what I do over at my blog - Pop by when you get a moment. I'm now following you on GFC, if you'd like to connect with me you can like my facebook page

    later x