Friday, 29 March 2013

Hale & Hearty Quick & Easy Pizza Mix

This post is going to be a little review on my first experience of cooking something gluten free from scratch… Pizza to be precise. because to be honest I am loving that Domino's are offering at gluten free base option but at £13 a pop my purse does not love me!

Introducing Hale and Hearty – something about their packaging really pleases me and I like that they use a mixture of flours made from things I would no doubt eat in original form..

Okay, so step 1: In a mixing bowl I added 300 ml of water (as I have heard that GF products drink up liquid more readily), some olive oil and began to stir… this is also a vegan mixture so no egg required! Oh and get your oven (225 degrees c) on!

Now, I would love to show you what happened during step one but as the mixture decided to remain very wet and was not quite as ready for hand involvement – it really got messy. Using my elbows to lift a bag of GF flour and add to the mixture, I managed to get some additional dryness involved to tame the dough beast

Step 2: With the dough ball (read: rock as it was very dense) on a GF floured surface, we set about rolling the mixture out.. I would recommend doing this as thin as possible  as, I did.
I used the pizza tray as a cut out to ensure the base would fit on the tray.

Step 3: Toppings! We went for reduced fat mozzarella, Sweet corn, and chorizo (YUM!) we also sprinkled a few blobs of white truffle oil and pesto just to feel chef-y

Step 4: in the oven it goes for 20 minutes

Step 5: It’s ready!

The verdict: The base tasted exactly like those economy pizza bases you used to get, bit biscuit-tie with a chew (so for me lots of nostalgia thinking of children’s parties)... however it did the job and for a home made version it wasn’t half bad. I think I will be buying a packet to keep in my cupboard!

I got my H&H mix from the specialist foods section in Sainsbury's.. here's a link the the H&H  website

Also -I got The Boy involved in this - those are not my arms in the photos! :) 

Any Gluten Free pizza amazing-ness you care to share??

 Lots of love

xxx TTN xxx

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