Wednesday, 26 June 2013

'Searching for Sugarman'.... June 2013

Can you believe it- nearly July!

Today is the 26th June and it has been 1 year since I woke up with my first major relapse. Isn't it funny how we remember specific dates yet sometimes cant remember what we did yesterday? I look back on the 2012 'me' and i really feel for her- as right now she had no clue what was going on apart from that something serious was happening and she felt very ill indeed. Bless her.

But 2013 'me' is slowly kicking ass! I've only gone and been abroad!

3 weeks ago, packed with a suitcase full of H&M it seemed (so cheap and perfect for light summer dresses) I went to Corfu for a week of much needed R&R... and Vitamin D. I honestly cannot tell you how good i felt after 24 hours of being in the sunshine. If you have MS I strongly reccomend getting away somewhere sunny. After 24 hours I remained the most alert, clear headed, and energic than i have been for months. I ended up spending the holiday driving a boat, riding pillion on a quad and having the odd marathon read in the sun. Worth the money!

In preparation for the flight (after last years events, I am no longer afraid of flying),  i booked myself in for a pedicure at MW nails Spitalfeilds...

It was such fun and I can't wait to go back! The whole theme of the shop is an aeroplane- from the waiting area to the product holding areas on the walls (everything is from an old plane or made to look like it is).. the pedicure area was in the basement and I was directed to sit in an old plane seat then put my feet in a foaming foot bath. I loved the attention to detail- the pre treatment information form that was made to look like a boarding pass! The staff were really friendly and they only use Essie or OPI polishes so I knew I was getting good quality.

Whilst i was away I dabbled in wheat and allowed myself more dairy than usual (I couldnt say no to a Gyros with Tzsiki now, could i?) -  although I remained symptomless I did feel pretty pants post meals and so when I arrived on home soil I couldnt wait to fill my belly with gluten free products and avoid dairy!

My latest purchase in the food shop is DS gluten free frozen pizza..

The base is thin and tastes like a proper stonebaked base and the salami is really good quality- almost a similar texture to chorizo.
This pizza is so good that my gluten loving boyfriend requests it for our dinner, served with a salad a box of microchips. It is now a weekly addition to the freezer part of my shop as its perfect for the weekend!

I also have been keeping some Tesco freefrom banana smoothies in the fridge - they are made with coconut milk, banana and apple puree so are Dairy free and Gluten free. They are super handy for popping in my bag when I know i will need the energy (shopping, work etc)... do give these a try!

I have decided to try get something booked peach month so I will have something to look forward to, especially good for stressful work days! In July I'm taking The Boy to see Jamaroquai at Magic Summer Live in Guildford-  I can't wait to have a boogie with my wellies on!

I hope you all have had a lovely June!

xxx TTN xxx

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