Sunday, 9 November 2014

Monthly Favourites: October 2014

Seeing as we are already one week into November, without further ado- my favourites that got me through one very busy October....

1. Gossard Bras
Gossard, a lingerie brand that I have always thought was associated for the more mature woman came onto my radar when I realised that my underwear collection just wasnt doing it for me. i popped onto and the Gossard Superboost Plunge caught my eye. The bra has rave reviews and without thinking I ordered a Black one. I couldn't have been more wrong with my conception of the brand- the bra is sexy without being too 'full on'  yet at the same time remaining comfortable. I cant stop wearing it and so have already added a nude colour to my collection. I have my eyes on a festive jade green one next.....

2. Scarecrow Fangs
October gears up for one thing- Halloween. Usually an event that bypasses me due to it falling on a weekday- this year it fell on a Friday which meant one thing, afterwork fancy dress fun! For pure ease for getting ready in the office, i knew i wanted to go as a Vampire and after researching fangs on the internet I settled on a pair of small fangs by Scarecrow. You basically mix up the gum-sheild style mixture and then mould the indivudal fangs to your canines. Yes, I kept my mouth shut for 20 minutes- the result? seriously real looking fangs that stayed put the entire night and were a dream to take in and out.

3. Chet Faker- Thinking Through Textures Album
A friend of mine introduced me to Chets amazingly  rendition of Blackstreet's 'No Diggity' and 1 minute in, I was hooked. Thinking through Textures is being played by myself on repeat- It's so chilled with beautiful lyrics. I'm gutted to have missed out on a ticket to his London gig later on in November. Boo.

4. Red Wine
Finally, Summer started to release her grip on the UK and now the nights draw in sooner bringing in a crispness to the air that means a cold drink in a bar is just not floating my boat. It does mean that I can start to indulge in one of my favovourite winter drinks- a glass of Red Wine (okay so at time it's multiple glasses). I prefer a Chilean red, you can almost taste the sunshine. However I wouldn't say no to a Merlot. Cheers!

5. Saint Motel - 'My Type'
A Song that does nothing but make me break into the biggest grin and want to dance like a loony. Go on, crank it up and join me!

6. Autumnal Weekend Runs
One of my favourite things to do - I have decided to put my running shoes back on, put my headphones in and just take my self for a 2 mile run. I've been trying out a new app 'Run Keeper' in my determination to tone up and shed a few pounds. The app is brilliant- it's pretty accurate at measuring the distance covered and every 5 minutes or so will cut through my music to tell me how far I've come and at what pace. It's more challenging than the C25k app but with work leaving me more frazzled than usual (in a good way), the challenge makes me clear my head and focus on nothing but my music.Next stop- Running home from work.

7. M&S Without Wheat Pizza bases
In need of a fun evening treat dinner- we purchased these part cooked Gluten Free bases to try out for my favourite treat meal (Pizza). I topped mine with a mixture of Chicken, Salami,Sweetcorn, Peppers and cheese then cooked the pizza in the oven for about 20 minutes. The bases is AMAZIIIIIINGGGG! Honestly, none of the tell-tale gluten freeness to it at all. Now to get my hands on another pack!

8. Vaseline Coco Body Butter
In my quest to look after my body even more in preparation for the warmer weather next year (yes, I am already planning for Summer!), I have started to moisturise every morning. Not only has this meant my Dubai tan has lasted longer, its left my skin just looking and feeling better. usually on offer- this coco butter does the trick. The scent isn't as amazing as other coco butters but for the price, I'm a fan!

9. Suzette Gallettes
Always at the Wapping Market on a Sunday, this blue van holds one seriously delicious gluten Free treat- their Gallettes. My favourite? The Clonakity Black Pudding,Cured Ham, Free Range Egg and Sauteed Leek DREAM of a Gallette. Literally makes my Sunday when I decide to take a mooch to the Shadwell Basin. Gluten Free Street Food at its best! Go go go!

10. New Workwear
H&M have saved my Bacon in the workwear department. Averaging around £25 for a smart work dress, I snapped up 3 in October and I'm really pleased. I wear mine with black tights and heels and instantly am in the right frame of mind to knuckle down at work.. hoo-rah!

So November is here, Christmas and my Birthday month are around the corner. What a year 2014 has been- lets hope the final 8 weeks remain as eventful as the previous 10 months... 2015 has lots to live up to!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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