Sunday, 7 December 2014

Introducing.....Trevor the 2014 Christmas Tree

The final 4 weeks of 2014 are very much in swing. The weather has finally turned frosty. The nights are resigned to Red wine drinking in the warm or snuggling in front of the TV. It is time to accept Christmas is nigh and that meant a trip to Colombia road flower market for a tree...

Colombia Road was bustling with families purchasing wreaths, trees and just bunches of general loveliness on what was a crisp cold December Sunday. 

  After selecting a fine 7 foot Norwegian Spruce, a trip was paid to Lili Vanilli's shop for a warming latte and a slice of gluten free cake whilst we discussed Christmas present plan


Further mooching left our tummies rumbling, and there was only one place I wanted to go. Honest Burgers in Liverpool Street aka my Burger Mecca. Not only are the burgers reasonably priced, they offer a gluten free bun AND gluten free onion rings. What a winner.

With full tummies, and after waving goodbye to my parents, we headed home into the warm to decorate the tree.... how do two people handle topping a tree thats 2 foot taller than the smallest resident. Shoulder lift of course. (dont try this at home kids)...

Are you ready for Christmas? I am even more unprepared than usual for C day, and have yet to get into Festive mode. I am however looking forward to my time off work over the Christmas season to chill out, see friends and family, and eat as much gluten free yumminess that I can stomach!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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