Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas 2014....

Christmas seems to appear earlier, go by faster and make me feel luckier with every passing year....

This year was no exception. With life very much starting to be driven in the faster lane- one moment i was in Dubai late September and the next I was being wrapped up in cling film at my company's annual Christmas quiz (best you don't ask, however feel free to smile at the thought as I do).

Turning the ripe old age of 25 was not something i was looking forward to. Most birthdays I treat with a sort of nonchalance due to being born on a day that is always overshadowed by it being a bust time for everyone, however usually a few days before the 24th I start to get birthday butterflies This year however, I just had a stupid sinking feeling and a huge desire to just turn and hide somewhere. Even writing this makes me shake my head and cringe, 25 is not the end of the world and certainly isn't old in my books but I still cannot put my finger on why now being this age has left me feeling a little less than content.

I was completely spoilt rotten with my birthday and christmas gifts this year. As is my preference these days, I chose quality over quantity when writing my birthday/christmas wish list not expecting to actually get what i asked for due to the sheer cheekiness and price tag. I received many gifts but wanted to share with you all my absolute-blown-away favourites...

Receiving my second Mulberry bag for my birthday was something that sent a very hungover me into absolute delirium from the moment i spied the grey mulberry ribbon inside the giftbag... The Sea Blue Blossom Pochette really is a little dream bag to me, with 2 detacable straps (one to make her a cross body bag, and one to turn her into a cluch with wrist strap) I am in mini-bag heaven and cannot put her down.

After years of swooning over them, I finally added the Ash Jalouse boots to my list. I really do love a nice ankle boot, a good pair will be used all year round by me from anything to mooching around the shops to dancing the night away in a bar. These leather beauties are a very much welcomed addition to my wardrobe and I love that they go with everything I own- I don't think they will be coming off my feet for the foreseeable!

I had also been looking for a new compact camera as my beloved SLR just isn't the best thing to use when in a crowded restaurant or trying to take sneaky snaps of London. This was a surprise christmas present from The Boy that really did surprise me because I had only vaguely mentioned it a few times (see I told you he was my main reader) and I cannot wait to use it... no excuse to not share every foodie adventure with you all now!

2 gifts that i really didn't expect but blew me away with their thoughtfulness was a (admittedly male brand 'Hensch Man') Tee with my beloved-prefer-it-to-my-first name-nickname 'Woody' on it and my first ever Vinyl featuring one of my all time favourite songs 'Earth,Wind & Fire- September'. I did almost cry because apparently being quarter of a century turns you into an over-sensitive fool. These gifts will truley be treasured.

I also received a Grey Cashmere M&S Sweater in my Stocking; an awesome floppy felt hat for my birthday; Chanel Lipstick in the shade 'Rebelle' picked out by The Boy which rocks my socks; A chunky mustard inital scarf that matches one The Boy received; More of my signature scent 'YSL- Cinema' and the most beautiful freshwater pearl bracelet (not in the pictures) from my Aunt...... I must have been an exceptionally good girl this year!

Christmas Day featured my all time favourite dinner, The Turkey Dinner, lots of snoozing and a 4 hour 9 mile walk that has taken me quite a few days to recover from. Boxing Day feautured Bubble & Squeak with family. I plan to spend the rest of my time off over Christmas resting and detoxing to ensure I return to work raring to go.

With Festivities over and the dawn of a new year nearing, my focus is now on what 2015 is going to bring me and what path I'm going to carve for myself, My resolution is going to be 'Do More', a resolution that I feel will be applicable in all aspects of my life.... Do More Exercise, Do More New Things, Do More moments with friends and nurture those friendships, Do More purchasing of tickets to see live music, Do More making of Memories, Do More Travelling..... this list im sure will grow but this is a resolution that i fully intend to take up with gusto and maintain going forward. If the last couple of years have taught me anything, life can throw a curve ball at any time so don't waste a moment, be happy and don't live with regrets.

A Happy New Year to you all. May 2015 be a great year filled with Health, Happiness and Good Fortune.....

See you on the Flip Side...

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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