Sunday, 5 June 2011

Foundation,, more like AMAZING!!!

The Boy turns the ripe age of 24 years this month and a group of us went out for some cocktailing in London. I had read about Foundation ( located just off Covent Garden and decided that should be out port of call after a large Mexican feast....

Oh my lord, the place was amazing! Down a chained staircase that has the feel of the London Dungeons about it, and through some doors you are shoved into a eclectic open floor bar area. There are various seating areas with mismatched chairs, and a doorway that looks like its made of Lego bricks to the left that lead to the club area. We sat down at a table with one of those retro arc floor lamps dangling its dim red light on our menus....

First up I ordered the 'Garden Jam' cocktail. Strawberries muddled with vodka and basil served IN A JAM JAR (yes that was the sole reason i ordered this cocktail. honest I am really that easily pleased). It was divine. First a jammy taste, then a kick of vodka followed by the tingly fresh tast of basil... so yummy it was dangerous because it went rather quickly!!

We went and had a boogie in the club area and I really am considering booking an area for my birthday this year. The areas are lined in red padding and each have a sliding door... this means that if you and your friends want to hear the music but don't want to endure the drunken clubbers using your table as a place to put their unwanted glasses.. you just slide the door!! Genius! Music is great by the way, the DJ was on top form and even used uncommon remixes of current songs to keep the vibe eclectic.

So, after a boogie we all were in need of a refreshing drink... and this was the Piste de Resistance (my new phrase)... Introducing the High Tea cocktail....

Yes, you are seeing it correctly... Gin, Earl Grey, Peach and Lemon mixed together and served IN A TEAPOT with GLASS TEA CUPS... if you think the jam jar situation got me excited then as you can imagine i nearly wet myself when i saw this being served to us! It was addictively good. Cold, and tasted just  like Lipton Peach iced tea (was a favourite drink of mine then many places stopped selling it).
It was highly amusing watching the men sit and have a chat with what does look like a cup of tea in hand. After the second tea pot was ordered i cant remember much else :D

Oh i do remember that the bar and door staff were really friendly (which is unusual in London bars and clubs) which made the whole experience lovely. I shall be popping back soon even if its to have a pot of tea and a chat after dinner with a friend.

This is an over 21's bar.. which personally for me was a bonus because it means that the crowd it attracts is still young but not really out to cause trouble and be morons. Don't get me wrong many under 21's are lovely but I prefer the older crowd when i go out because its usually a really good vibe!!

Obviously I spent the next day drinking Grapefruit juice to detox my liver of alcohol.. and lots of carrot and ginger juice for vitamin C!

So all you over 21's who are looking for somewhere a bit different and with drinks that wont fail to impress then go!

Here's to hoping that more lovely weather is on its way, I am hoping to take The Boy to the Dishoom Pop up on Southbank. Looking forward to a curry on a beach in London :D

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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