Sunday, 5 June 2011

TTN Visits: Polpo, Soho

So i realised that i have still not written up my piece regarding my slightly mixed up visit to Polpo ( Although it is yet another fabulous food offering from Norman & Beatty, it was not the intended place to fill my stomach. I had intended to visit their very new restaurant DA polpo... (see what they did there). Thankfully it was not a regret in the slightest and other customers also got slightly confused and had ended up there.

So Polpo (meaning Octopus in Italian) can be located just at the end of Carnaby Street. Go past American Apparel and turn left.

Being that The Boy and I were fairly hungry after a spot of shopping and strolling around in the sunshine, we ordered 5 dishes to share (even that we had to cut down from 9):

First, Parmesan and potato croquettes ... Really nice crumb and very soft. I would of preferred it to have some mozzarella in but they were nice....
Then came the Rabbit and Apricot Terrine (right).. Rabbit is really good for you. Full of protein with little fat. It was my first encounter and I will most definitely be ordering fluffy again. It tasted like a roast chicken leg. DE-LICIOUS! Terrine was lovely... crostini on the side a bit stingy but very nice...

Then after a 5 minute wait (it was very busy) came the New Jersey Potato salad, the Meatballs and the Pulled pork and Prosciutto panini (see below)... It was worth the wait. The meatballs tasted like pork and beef.. incredibly soft and melt in the mouth. The Potato salad- although cold had balsamic vinegar and olive oil as a dressing and were divine.... but the piste de resistance HAD to be the Panini... Firstly it was HUGE and secondly it was stuffed to the brim with marinated peppers, olives and meat. Perfect. I will definitely be buying again when refuelling on a shopping trip.

To drink, I had a Bellini (it is my cocktail of choice every time) and the Boy had a Peroni Beer. Due to the look on our faces when we realised that we had eaten in the wrong place, the lovely barman poured us a Lemoncello with prosecco as a token of goodwill. Delicious.
All in all, a very successful visit... I was stuffed and considering the amount we had the bill came to under £40 which judging how full i was and the location of the restaurant, is not bad at all.... next time i hope to actually end up in Da Polpo.

Lots of Love
xxx TTN xxx

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