Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The day i got a Manolo Blahnik ... or Accessories make the outfit...

Yes people, you did read that title correctly.. huzzah! A Manolo in my closet. A Manolo Blahnik for Liberty London to be precise... and here she is (drum roll please):

                                                                Isn't she ADORABLE???

Okay, so i am well aware its not quite the same as owning a pair of His shoes but seeing as I've just finished university and on a part-time wage, i think I'm on the right path to dream wardrobe heaven. This snazzy silk wonder was originally something silly like £98 but in the recent Liberty sale it was reduced first to £54 then to £38. I decided that i needed a little treat- a splurge on a treasure, and i couldn't resist. The pink and green colourings look amazing against my (albeit slightly) olive skin tone and my aunt even commented that i looked rather Italian when wearing this around my neck with my pony tail high.
Anyway, for £38 i haven't stopped smiling every time i see or wear this so really, its worth the money.

Seeing as i have been a TERRIBLE blogger and neglected my duties, I also wanted to share with you all some of my other favourite accessories. I have 2 drawers of beads and other random items (from years as a Topshop staff member) but the following are my favourite and most worn:

My Vintage Cameo ring.. given to me on my 21st Birthday by my very lovely  Aunt. I don't know if its its timeless elegance or the unknown history behind it but I adore this ring.

Marlboro pendent necklace.... picked up at Spitalfields market, this fun trinket is brilliant for adding a funky or unexpected twist to an outfit. I get loads of comments when i wear it and for the £3 price tag - it was worth it.

My Eliza Peretti for Tiffany Bean necklace... I know this designer has just completed another collection this year with T&Co but this was given to me around 2006 by my sister. At the time my nickname was 'Bean' at school and this gift was really thoughtful. On recent research the bean design is supposed to represent 'beginnings' which I don't think my sister knew this at the time. It is really significant to my overall view on life as i believe that every stage in life is a new beginning.

Flower Garland... this was the subject of one of my first fashion blogs a few months back. I love it and i feel all Shakespearean when i wear it. Shame i cant sing a note or i would attempt one of those 'Sleeping-Beauty-singing-in-the-woods-to-fluffy-animals' moments (however i feel i would more likely kill the animals than get a musical response from them).

Accessorize ring.. purchased 6 weeks ago. Love it. Its Big, Feminine, Mixed metal, and come on - its a flower (luuush).

Liberty Comic relief scarf... It was £13. It is perfect to hide hair that is in dire need of a hair wash or funk up a ponytail... and when teamed with jeans, tee and boots- it makes me look effortlessly rock-chic.

These have to be my top accessories that i would take anywhere with me. Obviously i fully intend on adding to my treasures.....first will be a set of vintage pearls  (swoon) maybe i had better be a very good girl this year - Santa, if you are listening...

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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