Sunday, 14 August 2011

TTN Visits: Pitt Cue Company, Southbank & Bills Restaurant, Covent Garden

After what feels like months (but actually was only a few weeks) The Boy finally allowed me to indulge my inner foodie and drag him around London in search of something to tantalise my taste buds....

First stop: Pit Cue Company

Where? Under Hungerford bridge on Southbank... that's the bridge you walk over the Thames from Embankment tube station

The Menu: On this day we could choose from Pulled Gloucester Old Spot, Smoked Sausages or Beef Brisket to go along side either Beans or Coleslaw and pickles

This was amazing. For £7 we had a cardboard container filled to the brim with deliciously tender BBQ meat (and lots of it), Pickles and (as we had a mix) incredible beans & coleslaw with massive chunks of sourdough bread popped on top. All washed down with some Pale Ale. We shared one of these and it was perfect for a small lunch.
For myself the highlight was the old guitar player strumming out some tunes to the customers. If i ignored the wind- it was almost like a taste of the deep south (yeee harrr).

Summed up in 3 words: Messy. Sticky. Delicious.

The PCC is only around until September (or so I have read) so if you and your fella fancy some BBQ grub in London then hop to it!

After this i managed to spend 4 hours on Oxford Street and not buy a single item of clothing and due to tummies rumbling, we walked to good old Covent Garden for dinner....

Second Stop: Bills
Where: St Martins Courtyard, Covent Garden

On the menu:
Bills is a produce store as well as restaurant which is pretty cool as many of the items used in the menu are available to buy for you to cook at home. The menu is small but you can choose from fish to steak to veggie options. Plenty of starters, puddings and side dishes. We went with the Beef Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Chips & The Rib-eye steak and chips alongside their Hedgerow fizz (elderflower cordial with sparkling wine and mini blackberries). See for full menu

The portions are unexpectedly HUGE. The garlic bread its the size of a small brick but so so good that you are pleased to have more. The chips are not greasy and still have their skins on adding to their flavour... and the Lasagna- incredible. Rich red wine with beef mince and very little pasta so little bloating. The steak (or the tiny taste the stingey Boy allowed me to try) was beautifully cooked and actually the best steak Ive eaten this side of the pond.

But the really winner was the pudding that we shared. The Pavlova. Now, the only meringue that I eat is my mums which is always chewy on the inside. I hate any other as the crispiness reminds me of polystyrene and sets my teeth on edge to the point where i actually pull a rabbit face. THIS is on par with my mothers.... literally the consistency of a marshmallow on the inside which was amazing!

We walked away very happy... and with a packet of 'Bills Toffee Oaties' (think giant hobnobs) to munch on for tea :)

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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