Sunday, 14 August 2011

Glossy Box vs Boudoir Prive..

Okay, so I don't pretend to be a beauty pro but I do admit to being a sucker for samples and receiving anything in the post that is not a bill or the local free paper. So when (via twitter) I found out about Glossy Box beauty boxes I immediately signed myself up, then after a few months another similar concept, Boudoir prive, was launched and so i thought 'why the hell not?' and signed up to that too.

The Glossy Box

The similarities:
- Both arrive in the post
- Both cost £10 (until September) via DD
- Both offer beauty samples and sometimes full sized items
- You don't know what your are going to get until you get it

The differences:
- Glossy Box offers what I consider to be more mainstream brands.. Nars, Illmasqua, OPI; Boudoir Prive offers high end product samples that i doubt the average person would recognise
- Glossy Box will cost £12.95 per month as they begin to charge for P&P.. so Boudoir Prive is cheaper.
- You get 6 product samples in BP and only 5 in the GB

I have just received the first ever BP box... and i hate to say it but I am not impressed. Two teabags and two samples of perfume were included alongside a bottle of body cream, anti ageing cream and some hair serum.... none of the brands i recognise and seeing at this is the first box- i really feel they could have given the subscriber a whole lot more... even if it was as a one off 'welcome-to-the-world-or-boudoir-prive' kind of thing.

Now, others who have subscribed to both as i have, may prefer the BP box as the Glossy box had one infamous month where subscribers received Batiste mini spray (which is only like £1 in Boots) and face serum sample. You should have seen the Twit-feed that week, no one was impressed BUT for those who didn't immediately cancel the August box was amazing- nail polish, body oil, fake tan and expensive eyeshadow to name a few items...

The Boudoir Prive Box

Personally, I think I am going to cancel my subscription to BP purely because I am not that much of a beauty buff to warrant high high end brand samples and i find the Glossy Box experience to be MUCH more fun which suits me nicely, plus im not a huge experimenter of make up..

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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