Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Work Wear purchasing.... October 2011

Why has it been so long since I last blogged, I hear you ask? Well. I got a job as a Dietetic Assistant and secured a beautiful flat in East London. Proof for any of you newly-graduated students out there, that you can get a job in this ghastly reccession.

New job means new work wear. Somehow i dont think my scrubby old black trousers and basic tees are going to reflect 'smart casual serious professional' so... I went shopping.

I set myself a challenge to spend no more than £70 on my new workwear, because as i get used to the job I might need to alter what i wear to perform better at work (I dont care what men say I am a great believer in what you work in affects how you approach and cope in the workplace).

Thank god for H&M and New Look....heres what i chose:

Tailored Peg Leg Trousers-  £14.99 - New Look
These look rubbish in the photos, take my word for it- they are sooo comfortable. The waist sits where it should (not up to my neck but not halfway down my backside either), they are extremely flattering on my legs and the material is that sort that does not crease! These will be my base item which i will be wearing everyday (I am NOT a good early morning dresser so easy items that look good all day will be a must).

Then it was over to H&M to get myself a few tops...

Grey Jumper - £19.99 - H&M
This Jumper is great. 3/4 sleeves, wide fitting sleeve which will make arms look smaller, the cute tie up at the front keeps things interesting, and the grey colour is a basic colour which will go with anything (or means i can accessorise some colour in to my outfit). I have also seen that this comes in Brick and Dusty Pink which is great news :)

Frilly Tee - £7.99 - H&M
LOVE this tee. I have a cream and a navy one that Topshop had out last year which are pretty similar and  I found that they are so useful for work, so i was very pleased to see that H&M had bought out a copy as Topshop have not bought them out again. This tee comes in loads of colours, and the price tag is amazing....I am tempted to pick up two more on my next visit. This tee + my black trousers+ some cute leather heeled ballet pumps/loafers + one of my open short cardigans = winning!

I also picked up a half cream half black scopp neck 3/4 sleeve top for £12.99, but i couldnt find it online to show you guys.

I not only came under budget with my trousers and tops.. i even receieved a £5 H&M giftcard with my purchases! I have my eye on a few more tops and well, it would be rude to waste a perfectly good gift voucher wouldnt it? ;)

Now as i gaze dreamily at my ELLE and try and ignore my cravings for my beloved Topshop, I best be getting on with scouring the internet for homeware (eeeep)!

Lots of Love


p.s. This week is London Cocktail Week.... sign up for your free wristband here for £4 cocktails and a free bus tour around London bars! Im hoping to catch the last events this weekend.. blog to follow!

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