Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My must haves for AW11 part 1

Every year, about this time, I decide on a few items that I will then continue to hunt down until they are in my possession. Sometimes (usually) I fail, and other times I end up with at least one.

So, my items on this years list are:

The red dress....

Red is massive this season! Usually its a colour that i steer clear of (any sign of a red pimple is amplified when i wear red, to the point that i might as well wear a sign pointing out the damn thing!) but this year I'm putting my usual concerns to one side and going for it (plus it makes my olive toned skin pop which I LOVE).

Due to being what the shops would term 'petite' (makes me sound like one of those pastries you get at afternoon tea, but whatever 5 foot 1 and proud i remain) AND blessed with a hourglass figure, I have to be careful what style I go for so i don't end up looking like I'm wearing a tomato costume... here are current contenders:
Embellished sleeve dress - £85 - Topshop

Dress with flared skirt - £29.99 - Zara
 Both are similar yet so different... i love the topshop version but the price tag and the seam where the skirt is attached to the body is giving me doubts (don't want to make my food baby stand out now do we). There is one more dress i have seen worn by Little Boots at the Bookstock that i blogged about last month, see photos on that post- unfortunately its not online which usually means its sold out! booo

My second item is Cashmere.
No i am not having illusions of grandeur- as much as id like to think ill be swanning around in my new pad drinking champagne all day and throwing on cashmere outfits with designer shoes, that sadly will not be the case. But, i refuse to believe that in this day and age where anyone on any budget can afford designer items/posh holidays/new cars that little old me cannot get my hands on cashmere.

Tesco believe it or not do amazing cashmere items starting from £35 which I am considering. Uniqlo also do amazing cashmere items however these start at £55 upwards. These are the only two shops I have currently found that do cashmere for around the £50 mark.

My third item is the Ultimate T-shirt
For too long I have suffered ill fitting t-shirts that end up showing my bra or being too short to wear with jeans or being holey after one wash as the cotton is too thin.
I am trying to find a t-shirt that is not too thin or too thick, not too long or too short and one that isn't too high on my neck but not cut so low that i might as well be wearing a waistcoat because of the amount of bra on show....

My quest continues... i shall keep you all posted of course



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