Wednesday, 12 October 2011

TTN Visits: Real Food Festival, Southbank, London

So, the Real Food Festival took place along the whole of southbank on the weekend of 23rd-25th September and boy am I glad it did! three words: Ultimate. Hangover. Remedy.

The Boy and I dragged our Rum soaked bodies out of bed and went in search of anything that might fix our rum-ache.

We ended up in Southbank, and was greeted by this glorious sight:

So, with bellies rumbling we went to investigate the festival, which went around royal festival hall, to check out what was on offer. You could get a German meal, a welsh meal, burgers, champagne, toffee vodka, italian deli items, fresh bread... the list went on. After following the event on Twitter i knew exactly where i would be making a B line for...

Straight from my beloved Brick Lane, The Rib Man stand was present at the festival. TRM ( claims to have 'the best ribs in london'... to be fair I might have to agree with them. I choose a Pulled rib meat wrap which was everything hangover food should be: Juicy, Meaty, Small amount of carbs and lots of sauce... the only critisim i find with it would be i would've like something like crunchy cucumber in there to break up the soft mushyness (however when you are tired and hanging like a Monkey from a tree who wants to chew their food?)

The Rib Man Wrap with hot chilli sauce
 Now, I am not a huge pudding fan (unless I am ill or upset- sugar cures all ailments) but my one weakness is mini churros. Churros are kind of like the spanish version of dunky donuts that you get on brighton pier, but about a million times better (they are actually cooked for a start so no raw dough, and they are coated in Cinnamon as well as sugar). I spotted a stand selling 'Churros y Chocolate',which is quite possbility the best combo of all time, and within minutes I had a cup of each in my grasp...

To balance out the bad sugar, we went to get a cone of british strawberries with a touch of fresh double cream and sugar on top (well it is one of your 5-a-day)..

We washed our feast down with a Juiceology cocktail (Hair of the dog and all that)... I had the Lychee, Basil and Rasberry mixture with vodka. The Boy choose a Apple mojito mix which was amazing.
I love the concept of Juiceology there juices are avaliable from Harvey Nichols and are 100% fruit juice PLUS Milk Thistle which is amazingly great news for your livers. You can drink them as they come or you can mix with spirits. Absolotely beautiful and I most definately will be purchasing some for the festive season!

All in all a great few hours for my inner foodie.



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