Friday, 13 January 2012

What I got for Christmas 2011...

Yes yes, I am aware that i have completely missed the time frame for bloggers showing off their Christmas presents but hey- 'better late than never'. So, Christmas time for me also means Birthday time aka double whammy of presents in 48 hours!

Here is my turn at showing off my favourite treats that i was lucky enough to receive during Christmas 2011...
Samsung Netbook

Firstly is this beauty... bought by The Boy for my birthday. He earned extra brownie points for saying 'Now you can do all the blogging you want, anywhere' although he did suggest i put it in my Mulberry which will not be happening. She is not a cart horse!!

Mulberry Friendship Bracelet
I was in love with this bracelet when it came out last year, a simple black waxed cord with a heavy metal heart charm embossed with the Mulberry logo. My wrist is in heaven every time i wear it!
For my birthday I also received from the parentals this Alex Monroe necklace. I have been dying for a quirky gold necklace for a while now. My Marlboro cheapo one is fun but not suitable for when i want to dress up- but this is perfect. I haven't stopped wearing it since i opened it. The problem now is that i am scouting out my next AM piece!!

The Boy was on top form this year... These mini OPI polishes are awesome. Beautiful sludgy colours that i adore and one pretty pink shade for when i want my nails to pop!
This scent still remains to be one of my all time favourites. Its strong, musky, sweet yet also with a hint of something exotic. Also a few squirts and even a few hours later the smell doesn't wear off.
Yes yes ridiculously high, and yes i will fall over in these a number of times but look at how pretty they are!! Hello a excuse for a night out!!

My sister gave me these gorgeous white company plates for Christmas, I adore them. (Oh and the Dowler & Hall charm is also a separate present which is also beaut)
This has to be the most functional present... a purple leather Aspinal of London travel card holder. It is not only deliciously luxe but prevents me from being careless with stuffing my oyster card absent minded in my bag (usually resulting with me have a panic stricken forage for my card every time i get off my tube stop)...

I also received a lovely digital radio and have since discovered Chill FM which its awesome when i am chilling after a hectic day with a cuppa!

I was indeed a very lucky girlie.. I TOLD you I had been a good girl this year!!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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