Wednesday, 14 March 2012

TTN Reviews: East London Steak Company

Hello! Remember me? Yes I am alive! Call off the search party, TTN is back!!

Its been a mad few months to start off 2012.... The job has taken a (albeit slight) step up but its my personal life that has really gone in to overdrive. After viewing past photos from NYE 2011/12 I was genuinely horrified at the evidence before me. I had got fat. Yes, I have always been in the curvaceous category but my lord, WHY did no one point the very blatant fact out to me that i had moved back in to the 'more rolls than a bakery' category??

So, 6 weeks of high protein dieting and once again signing my life away to the gym- i am now 1 stone lighter and one very happy lady! Actually, I'm not referring to my new habits as a 'diet' - the word is far too negative and short term for my liking.... instead I prefer to use 'lifestyle' (far more positive and long term, I think). Ive discovered that I actually thrive on goal setting, for every Kilo I shed I treated myself at the weekend (cue: many weekends of dancing and cocktailing with good friends). I still have a goal to reach but I'm getting there. I am hoping to transfer this new self-realisation in to my working life and get myself where i want to be career-wise (however long that will take).

ANYWAY, enough about my fat cells!!

Ill be posting about food and fashion today... first up FOOD...

With my high protein lifestyle the need for meat in my fridge has increased but the problem is actually being able to afford it without a) breaking the bank and b) spending my whole weekend travelling around London trying to actually get the stuff.... enter: The East London Steak Company (ELSCO)!

Check out their website for full details and don't be put off by their name, they deliver outside the M25 as well!

Basically, the concept is brilliantly simple- you order a box of meat from their website, free delivery if you are within the M25, select a delivery time (5:00- 8:30 am or 6pm-8pm, so no need to request time off work to collect your delivery), supply your details... and VOILA! Fresh meat delivered to your door!

I personally love the little cards you get in each bundle- handwritten to tell you the source of the meat and even the farm the animal lived.... it may put some of you off but whats wrong with knowing that your meat was once very much looked after and not from some random battery farm in deepest darkest Peru??

Needless to say the meat was DIVINE and I'm looking forward to placing my next order. This box was £26 and included steak sauce and steak rub as well as 4 burgers, 4 sausages, 2 rump steaks and 2 sirloins.... my tummy is rumbling as i type!
Red meat (regardless of bad press in recent days) is amazing for you and everyone should aim to have at least 2 portions a week in their diets- full of Iron, Zinc and is obviously rich in protein so its a winner for all... well except vegetarians... I don't think they would be too pleased!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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