Thursday, 24 October 2013

TTN Reviews: Vivid Matcha Tea Drinks

With the night and, what seems, the days getting darker- my body needs a serious boost. When the team at Vivid sent me some samples of their Matcha tea drinks, I couldn’t wait to try!

Okay, so before I go into the product- a few need to know things about Matcha:
-          It’s a super concentrated form of green tea
-          The tea is grown in the shade so to retain more chlorophyll (the good green stuff- which is packed with antioxidants!)
-          It contains an amino acid called L-theanine which has been linked to stress reduction
-          Due to its high antioxidant content this tea is fabulous for fighting of nasties and supporting the immune system

Anyway, with the knowledge that I was going to consume something good for me I was intrigued at what the taste would be like. Vivid drinks blends Matcha tea with natural flavours and currently there are 3 varieties…

Pear & Rhubarb

This flavour was my absolute favourite! A beautiful natural taste of Rhubarb- with a delicate hint of Pear (which I don’t usually like) and with the addition of Roobios tea, I was in heaven at the first taste! I was drinking this at work and shared it with a foodie colleague who couldn’t believe how refreshing it tasted… thumbs up!

Grape & Elderflower

I love Elderflower. It is the nicest taste ever! Bravo to Vivid for thinking to make a tea drink of this flavour- totally enjoyable and very easy to drink. The blend also included white tea- really nice and didn’t over power my beloved elderflower taste!

Lime, Honey & Ginger

This flavour was my least favourite, for me I didn’t really expect or like the Lime. But it was still drinkable, and actually palate cleansing – I gave a sample to my dad and he loved it and actually is asking me if I have any more!

Due to being a bit sensitive to caffeine, I found the best way for myself to enjoy Vivid was to drink one bottle over 2 days. I had a small drink about 3pm for that afternoon boost.

I have been pleasantly surprised at these drinks. Soooo refreshing and available in flavours that you wouldn’t expect to see- I highly recommend these drinks!
You can purchase Vivid drinks from Whole Foods, As Nature Intended and Planet Organic… I would also give the team a twitter follow too because who doesn’t love a twitter big up :D

Lots of Love
xxx TTN xxx

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