Sunday, 17 November 2013

TTN Reviews: JAX Coco 100% pure Coconut Water

When I initially set out to change my lifestyle in the wake of my diagnosis, I went on a mission to find healthy and delicious foods that would not only satisfy my foodie nature but meet the requirements of my new diet (Gluten and Dairy Free).

Although I have reintroduced dairy (Come on Goats cheese and honey on Figs is the BOMB) one thing that has stuck for me is Coconut water and milks. Hydrating and uplifting i cannot get enough of the stuff and I am always on the look out for new coconut products- thats how I stumbled upon JAX Coco. One read of the website - I couldn't wait to try and emailed the lovely Julie who agreed to send me a sample.

Okay, so who or what is JAX Coco?
JAX Coco was created by 4 coconut water enthusiasts (Jane, Jason, Alex and Max) who wanted to make good quality coconut water more accessible to the modern lifestyle. Micro-filtered coconut water from the Philippines in (what the detail obsessed me can only describe as) gorgeous almost gift worthy packaging was the end result. 

The thing that i love is that Jax are a sustainable company who work with the Philippine coconut growers to offer decent prices and help to reinvest in coconut farms by covering the costs of replanting and maintaining the trees. FABULOUS!!

Sooooo after all that wonderful ness 'what the hell does it taste like Katie?' i hear you thinking

Firstly the clear-ness of the product is impressive- most coconut waters have a very murky look to them which isn't very appealing.

The taste is, what I think, a coconut water should really taste like - delicate taste of coconut with a sweet tint at the end. Very refreshing and enjoyable even without the addition of other flavours!

The packing is very luxurious- glass bottled! I am also loving the simplicity of the text- easy to read without bombarding you with jargon... it told me that i would be drinking up some goodness before I opened the lid!

I would so buy this to take to a dinner party as a palate cleansing drink or I would purchase to use when hosting a brunch with friends.. JAX also provided me with some great cocktail recipes (hello!) which I have yet to try out but totally will be doing in the near future!

So there it is- my little review on JAX Coco :)
You can follow the team here on Twitter , Facebook or check out the website and blog here!

Now, Im off for a walk around Brick Lane.. Have  a lovely day :)

Lots of love

xxx TTN xxx
p.s On a nutritional side of things- I am loving that JAX Coco mention that Coconut water contains Potassium. According to JAX one 330 ml serving of their coconut water contains 447mg of potassium - not bad :)
Just so you know, Potassium is a mineral that is involved in water balance and nerve function as well as being magic at making sure you have a healthy blood pressure! According to the World Health organisation, 3510 mg/day of potassium is reccomended for adults, eating Bananas is another easy way to get this mineral but be careful as too much potassium can cause stomach pain, nausea and diarrhoea. Balance is key!

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