Sunday, 24 November 2013

TTN Visits: Taste of Christmas 2013

Christmas. A foodie’s dream season. A time when you can eat plenty, go for walks (to the pub) and if you’re not eating food, spend time thinking about your next meal. Oh I hope I am not on my own saying all that!

Taste of Christmas was on this weekend. In its new home in Tobacco Dock. Being a short walk from my home plus receiving an email telling me that with a code I could get a free pair of tickets, it seemed crazy to not go along for Friday night dinner and drinks.

The Crowns (currency for purchasing food at the event) have become slightly less value-for-money with 1 crown now costing £1 (it was about 50p last year), and so we plumped for just 2 taster dishes.

The Boy went for a Disco Burger (read: Slider) from DiscoBistro. ‘Rare breed beef, pineapple, bacon jam, cheese, bun sauce and pickled onions’. I had a small nibble at the meat and it certainly was delicious- but for £8 I would have preferred a normal sized burger.

I went for ‘half rack of bourbon BBQ ribs and slaw’ from Beard to Tail. Now I was more than surprised at the 3 ribs presented to me, but the slaw—which was sweet and slightly orangey- was very nice. I have heard good things about ‘Beard to Tail’ so it was nice to be able to sample the food.

The absolute highlight of the visit for me, was watching the wonderful Gizzi Erskine in action in the Electrolux taste theatre. Unlike other years, this year I actually got a seat near the front! She prepared a great turkey and stuffing mix- which made the whole room fill up with delicious Christmassy aromas. I have been a fan of Gizzi's since someone purchased me 'Cook yourself thin' recipe book (Link to Amazon  is here)

I get incredibly shy at the most random times, and so I was too chicken to get a photo with the lovely Chef afterwards- but I did get this one…

I know, silly! I’ll blame the Champagne.
These were made of Chocolate! Amazing, huh?

In previous years, I have moaned about the lack of food at the event but this year I was slightly deflated to see that there were no stalls where I could buy a Christmas decoration. Last year I came away with beautiful sweet shaped baubles, cake decorations and other gourmet gifts but this year I came away empty handed!

One thing Taste of Christmas has given me, is the start of my Christmas feeling. The next day we went and saw the Christmas lights in Oxford Street (lovely this year) plus I started my Christmas shopping!

Are you ready for Crimbo?

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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