Saturday, 28 December 2013

TTN's Christmas 2013

Wow, HOW fast did Christmas go by this year?! Serious case of 'blink and you'll miss it'! I have had a busy week...... :)

20th December

My Christmas began with my monthly infusion (which although sounding weird, I do see as a good thing- I've been relapse free for 16 months now!). I then nipped into Spitalfields for a browse at the Christmas Market and get some much needed protein packed brunch at Canteen...

After heading home for a little rest, we got ourselves ready to go and dance our socks off to Calvin Harris & Tiesto at Earls Court with good friends. Now, I am not exactly a house music follower but I always wanted to see Tiesto do ‘Adagio for Strings’ live- and now I can tick it off my list. Calvin Harris was my favourite set but I was most impressed by the light show that was put on! Seriously, they were amazing!!

22nd December

We journeyed to Surrey for a meal with all of our good friends from back home. 
Prosecco flowed, Conversation flowed and a Gammon roast was served. We then followed the meal with:
-      A Quiz on 2013
-      Mastermind style round of questions- I was so nervous which wasn’t helped by a Spotlight and the classic music. My Subject of choice: Sex and The City.
-     A round of 'Who am I' - which wasn't so easy with 15 people but very funny! For those of you who aren't familiar with 'Who am I'- You write a famous person name down on a sticky note then put it on someone’s else’s forehead. Once every person at the table has a sticky note attached to them, everyone take’s it in turns to ask people questions to guess who they are- but only yes/no answers can be given. If you get a ‘no’ then the next person gets a go.

A Christmas gathering would not be the same without Secret Santa- I was very happy to receive a loose leaf tea strainer as I’ve always wanted one plus I LOVE tea. 

23rd December

My final day of being 23 EVER! To give The Boy some time to do some wrapping, I popped across to H&M in Oxford Circus to purchase myself a top for my birthday. I opted for an electric blue check shirt. I then went to Topshop to have a mooch (leaving the Boy at home meant I could browse at my leisure and not be nagged at).


Yes, finally - my 24th Birthday was here! On waking up, I was greeted by some fabulous gifts....

(eeeeeeeee, my first piece of the glorious 2 C’s).
Due to the adverse weather, we had to cancel brunch at Borough Market to get to Morden where my dad was waiting to whisk us off to Surrey for Christmas, and where I received my most favourite gift- I finally got a DSLR camera!! Great news folks- No more awful iPhone photos on this blog :)

I would love to regale you with stories of my evening but after more than one large glass of Merlot… well, I can’t really remember. But I had a lovely time.

25th December

Christmas Day was a crazy day filled with more presents than I could believe, starting off with stocking opening and finishing with more present opening in the evening :).

26th December

A fabulous, yet freezing, day was spent with The Boy and his family at The Kempton Park Races. I do love a little flutter- and having never been to see the King George VI chase, I couldn’t wait to try win! I picked two winners during the day- little wins but wins none-the-less and spent the evening (post Sausage & mash dinner) nibbling on Brie by an open fire- Lovely!

Phew! I was so spoilt!

I’m now off to celebrate my Mum’s birthday by seeing The Commitments stage show at The Palace theatre in Soho.

Did you all have a lovely Christmas? I hope so :)

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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