Monday, 9 December 2013

TTN Reviews: Ohso® Good for you chocolate

Can you believe that Christmas 2013 is nearly here?? WHERE has this year gone?

Although I seem to be ahead with present buying (2 more to get) and the tree is up and decorated (named Jasper), I completely forgot to purchase a advent calender! But, I am not too bothered as I am getting my current chocolate fix from the deliciously more-ish 'Ohso' chocolate bars.

'Ohso' chocolate bars are Gluten, Nut and Wheat free and contain a lovely 72 calories per bar. Totally acceptable for a treat, even on a daily basis. Although they may contain milk, the front of the packaging stated that these beauties contain no added Dairy- WIN!

Each little bar contains live bacteria which is great for helping keep your tummy happy which is great news because lets face it, December is the month that you aren't exactly going to be thinking of healthy food choices.

You can currently order a pack of 7 bars for £3.99 from the website, and they come with free delivery. At this price I think these make a perfect stocking filler treat for anyone in you life that loves Chocolate or is health concious or even for those that lead a Wheat or Gluten free lifestyle. 

At the moment, buyers can choose from 2 flavours: Orange or Plain Chocolate.

The Orange flavoured bars taste like a popular Orange shaped chocolate that are often given in stockings. Even though Orange flavoured foods are not really my thing, I was surprised when I found this flavour really tasty! I also feel at ease knowing that its natural Orange flavour used in 'Ohso' bars, and not some synthetic nasty!

The Plain Chocolate flavour are a Dark 53% Chocolate but are without the usual bitter taste- which makes me think that this flavour would be a great way to introduce your tastebuds to Dark Chocolate if you have never tried it before. Trust me, once you try Dark Chocolate enough times, Dark Chocolate easily becomes a preferred choice when craving a choccie fix!

Pre portioned, under 100 calories and full of good bacteria- what are you waiting for, put an order in and give these a go :)

Oh an did I mention that its made with Belgian Chocolate? *reaches for another bar*

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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