Sunday, 14 September 2014

BBC Radio 2 Last Night at the Proms 2014

On Saturday I found myself surrounded my more Union Jack's than I ever have been before....

My newly-moved-to-the-big-L Sister and I, armed with a picnic hamper of goodies and some fizz, headed to Hyde Park for an evening of music at the Last night of the Proms. 

Hyde Park was packed full of groups of fellow Britons, many in their finest Red-White-and-Blue get up's, but eventually we found a patch of grass to set up a picnic on with a pretty good view of the stage. Our patch of grass was so snug that laying out our little feast was pretty impossible to take pictures of.

The Drol Foundation were brilliant fun to listen to and got the entire crowd up and dancing. Fishermen's Friends had us all smiling as we sang along to old naval chants in our best devon accents (sorry if i've identified the wrong area there). Earth, Wind and Fire were brilliant but their 30 minute set was over far too quickly for my liking but it was the sing-a-long section that really made the evening for me (and i don't like karaoke). With the help of on-screen lyrics, the whole park bellowed out Mary Poppin's classics followed by a good does of g British pomp and ceremony that you only get when Jerusalem and Royal Britiannia are played.

For the ticket price, the Last Night at the Prom's in the Park provides at great afternnon out for the whole family. It's something I would definately do again one day.

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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