Sunday, 7 September 2014

Monthly Favourites: August 2014

August aka the super speedy month is now over and over 4 weeks gave me my 10 favourite things that made my month...

1. Mitchum Deodorant
Okay so this deodorant brand is one that i used to use years ago. Being a bit of a Sweaty Betty, I decided to give both the roll on and Moisturising deodorants a go and was wowed at how well they worked on me. Literally, no sweat even after a day of getting hot and bothered! Unfortunately I appear to be allergic to the highly effective Roll on. I'm not sure why but 2 weeks into using it, I developed painful lumps under my arms so decided to stop using. The moisturising version however seems to be fine and therefore I am happy!

2. Banana Republic Jumper
A bargain swiftly purchased in the Banana republic Sale, this loose stiched yet slightly weighty jumper has been my weekend go-to for the evenings. 

3. Lunch @The Exchange, London Bridge
On the outside the venue is a grotty looking office block but, after a lift ride and a few stairs, at the top you are greeted with lovely views of London along with a delicious daily changing menu and outside Terrace. I plan to go back one evening for a drink soon before drinking alfresco becomes a no-no. 

4. Garnier Ambre Solaire Face Tanning Mist
With my Cape Verde Tan fading and my skin cleansing regime in turbo mode as i battle with my acne- my face no longer matches my body. I have turned to my old friend Garner Face Mist to perk my face up resulting in a honey glow and less make up needed to cover my skin imperfections. Hurray!

5. Gluten Free Duck & Waffle
i recently posted about this experience here... a few weeks later and I still cannot believe how light and fluffy the Gluten Free Waffle was...kinda hankering for another soon!
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6. BBC's Great British Bake Off 
Oh Em Gee. My love for Mary Berry knows no bounds. The series so far has been as fabulous  as expected and don't even get me started on the intensity of Baked-Alaska gate (tenser than last years Custard mix up fo sho).
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7. New Work shoes
Using some savings, I purchased the comfiest heels for the office and a pair of all leather flats for office and weekend wear. This shoe splurge came about after wearing a pair of plastic shoes that left my heels cut to shreds. No more I say!
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8. Twining's Peppermint Tea
For the past few months I have been having a peppermint tea after my lucnh at work and trying to do the same at the weekends. I like mine with a teaspoon of Honey, curled up with a magazine/You Tube Vlogs etc, It tastes great and makes my insides sing a little!

9. Boohoo Petite Maxi Dresses
Yes that right, have a (very small) Petite range for those of us who are somewhat lacking in the height department. The cotton fabric feels pretty decent for the price (£12 each). These dresses will come in handy for my last minute holiday at the end of September!
Image from River

10. River Island Slouchy Tops
Purchased in July in a Mustard Gold and also a Navy colour, I cannot stop wearing these comfy smart-casual blouses! They look smart when tucked into a pencil skirt for work, but also look great with some denim and flats. Heres to RI bringing these out in many more colour options!

September is very much in full swing for me, with a Trip to Dubai to look forward to at the end. Sadly, The Boy has already downloaded a Christmas Day countdown app (groan!) whilst I begin to mourn the end of hot summer days!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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