Monday, 2 May 2011

TTN Visits: Sputinos, McQueens & Wahaca aka 'The adventures of my Bank holiday mouth'

Oh my... my ever growing love for the culinary delights offered by London continues to grow after the bank holiday of 22nd - 25th April....Let me tell you the tale of my adventures....

So Thursday Evening- after getting my dissertation bound and submitted I went to meet The Boy for food and so began my food adventure...

First stop:  Sputinos on Rupert Street in Soho. (

Sputinos is the newest addition to the collection of restaurants from the same people (Russell Norman and Richard Beatty) who brought us the delicious Polpe and Polpette (also based in Soho). There is no way to make reservations at this tiny restaurant and they don't even have a telephone (so you cant call up to see how busy it is). Sputinos is based on a new york style Deli where you prop yourself up at a bar and pick 'tapas' style dishes. For any of you who do not like Tapas- don't worry, macaroni cheese sliders alongside mini burgers is what this gorgeous shabby chic restaurant considers as 'tapas'.

After a queue time of about 30 minutes (quite reasonable for 6:30pm) helped along by miniature beers (for £2.50 a pop), we finally got a seat at the bar. And man were we hungry. We ordered:
1 x Macaroni Cheese
1 x Croque Monsieur
1 x Beef and Bone Marrow cheese burger
1 x Shoestring fries portion
1 x Zucchini, Mint and Chili Pizzette
2 x Mini Beers
1 x Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich (which we asked to be brought after for pudding).

It was the most incredible meal of my life.. my favourites were the burger - which was incredibly soft and rich almost as if red wine has been put with the mince but that was the bone marrow i guess (i regretted volunteering to share with The Boy), the Pizzette was fresh and the balance of mint and chill oil was DIVINE.. but the real cherry on the cake HAD to be the Peanut butter and Jelly 'sandwich'....

Yes it was not a sandwich at all... Peanut butter ice-cream (heaven) that wasn't freezing cold with a layer of fresh raspberry compote in between topped off with crunchy peanuts. Ignoring my ever tightening trousers I polished off the lot! NOM indeed.
We obviously got carried away and the bill was about £25 pp but to be honest we were stuffed and very happy..

Went for a mooch around East London.. saw the guy who played the drug leader in 'Lock Stock' (Quote: Not your average Horti-fucking-culturalist).. and i got to rummage in a lovely vintage store called Absolute Vintage where i brought a green pleated midi skirt and a nude polka dot tea dress which shows of a slither of my waist...

The Boy decided he wanted to treat me because of handing in the Dissertation so he took me to McQueen in Shoreditch ( .I've heard McQueen is a pretty cool club to go to anyway for a boogie and a dance but i never realised that there was a restaurant on site as well..
 It was another amazing meal.... I had the beef Carpaccio to start which was so buttery it was insane. Loved it all! Then for mains i choose the Sea Bass with Saffron crushed parsnips with spinach... I actually didn't want the plate to empty it was so GOOD!

The surrounding were all leather clad chocolate brown walls with the odd cow hide rug here and there. Very luxurious and very very comfortable. Photographs of the legend that is Steve McQueen were on every wall and to be honest - they have nailed the representation of such an icon in this resturant.

I couldn't try out the extensive cocktail list as i was then whisked away to the 'Aubin Cinema' in Shoreditch to see Arthur  and well i did not expect the cinema to turn out as it did..

Here is is from the outside...

and here it is from the inside....

I know.. its INCREDIBLE!!!!! Best cinema experience ever. The Lychee Martini i chose was delicious (interestingly it had the addition of rose syrup and lychee vodka which i have never seen- but it most definitely worked in my mouth). A few hours of snuggling under the aubin and wills blankets (provided) and the foot stall (provided with the double seat sofa we booked) made it the perfect end to the day.

Greenwich park was calling and so we made a cheap day of it and got a m&s picnic together and had a mooch around the Observatory after a few hours of beer drinking in the sun. We gave rich food a rest...  partly to save my ever increasing waistline from gaining a few extra inches!

Another hot, glorious day in London... we decided to visit our favourite haunt- Wahaca in Convent Garden for ....  Mini Beef tacos and chicken quedesillas to share alongside their amazing Sonora chicken salad.. it comes in a taco shell bowl thing and contains avocado, spelt, beans, chicken, and salad.. and its lovely and refreshing!
Seeing as it was Easter Sunday.. we also shared their Churros.. 3 hot doughnuts covered in Cinnamon with a pot of hot dark chocolate sauce to dip them in to. Fattening and taste so gorgeous you forgive the calorie content.
We then walked along Embankment bridge, along Southbank then over Blackfriars bridge to St.Pauls Cathedral... perfect day. I then chilled with a bottle of Red wine and a film.

So that was my very naughty but totally amazing Easter weekend. My Bank balance was very sore afterwards and my waistline does not appreciate any thing restrictive at the moment... but it was worth it. Sputinos.. McQueen... Aubin Cinema... and Wahaca... AMEN!

Lots of Love.. from a fairly round and squidgy...

xxx TTN xxx

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