Thursday, 21 April 2011

TTN Visits: Canteen, Spitalfields

Sorry sorry for my complete neglect to this blog... Dissertation has taken over my life!

I have officially started back at the gym... keeping my weight at a nice 9 stone 10 minus any dieting... its all about the interval training on the bike at the moment! And for those of you wondering what happened to my meat-eating quest...Dukan was great.. whilst it lasted.. but we just weren't meant to be... summer is all about BBQs with lush salads and fruit cocktails, not morbidly eating meat until you get fed up and go to bed to avoid any more food and people then think you are being rude...ANYWAY......

There is one restaurant near where The Boy lives, in Spitalfields... Its called Canteen. Everyone must go. The have a 2 courses for £10 menu on every day until 7pm, and my lord, it really is British food at its best.

Here is the Steamed Syrup Sponge pudding with homemade custard... that is to DIE for... this was on the £10 menu. Tasted light and airy and the syrup had a hint of lemon in it which was amazing against the smooth vanilla custard!
 Due to the Dukan, i now tend to opt for a veggie option when dining out... this was the Mushroom, Leek and Celeriac Pie served with cabbage and mash... the puff pastry was DIVINE and as i hate creamy things i was pleasantly surprised to find that the filling was fresh and mushroom-y and not in the slightest creamy..
All this was topped off with this BEAUT of a cocktail... Champagne, Grapefruit juice, Strawberry syrup and Gin... now nutritionally champagne is low in calories... but mixing grapefruit juice and alcohol makes the alcohol more toxic and so is dangerous to your liver... but it tasted amazing so sometimes you need to by-pass any advice :)

This weekend is Easter... I'm off to try Sputino in Soho..Its from the makers of Polpe and Polpette. Its a new york meats Italian tapas diner bar. I will take photos and let you all know how it goes. Good Friday I am off to dine at McQueen's (yes i know its a club) where the menu looks amazing!

Happy Easter Everyone!

xxx TTN xxx

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