Tuesday, 17 May 2011

TTN Visits: The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields

So its midday on a Sunday, and with empty bellies The Boy and I went in search of something decidedly HUGE to fill the holes inside our stomachs. Dont get me wrong, Canteen is incredible but portions are a bit on the stingy side. 

But hurrah!!! Across the road from Liverpool Street station, and down a little side road, was my saviour.From the outside, the large clock hanging from the white painted frames dont exactly jump out at you. The sign simply reads 'Today is going to be a good day....' .. and my lord, if i lived in East London it most certainly would be true after food here.

Inside, we were greeted with a bright yellow wall surounded by a funky array of cups, fairy lights, and random pictures pegged to the cage seperating the queue from the customers. There was even a very random gladiator statue which made a fairly humourous photography session whilst we queued.

We were seated at a booth.. which resembled those benches you used to get in the PE changing rooms at school (you know, the ones with the pegs at the top for you to hang your kit bag from?). the menus handed to us were surprisingly large, Im not going to deny it im a huge stereotyper- and so I was at there assuming that it was about breakfast food that it would be a really simple menu. How wrong i was. The menu started with the usual fry up choices, then the eggs menus (think muffins and hollandaise.. and smoked salmon... and eggs on toast with chutney), then the pancakes (american style with meat and syrup. or topped with fruit), THEN there was the oats selection (including Bircher museli whihc is my fave thing it eat in the summer- Low GI and really filling), the HUGE fruit salads (i spied a fellow diners) and not to mention the burritios and buttys.

Having eyes bigger than my belly (yes belly- I have a holiday booked to leave in 3 weeks and its still there) I ordered the full monty fry up with the obligatory cup of tea. After what felt like an age but was really only 15 minutes or so...it arrived. It. Was. MASSIVE! (see photo).
The Breakfast!

For £9.15 I had certainly been given value for money (so students dont be put off my the prices). I struggled to finish and in fact actually left food on my plate (a rarity). The sausuages were amazing... i think they had leek in them. The eggs were perfectly poached. The Toast tasted amazing- really nice granary bread. And the actually know how to  properly cook black pudding! Oh and the hash browns were proper hash browns (chipped and sauteed potatoes and onions.. WAY better than the triangular things you get from the freezer)..The tea which was lovely was by 'Teapigs' a company who do lovely tea in a posh mesh bag.
The Boy and I also couldnt resist trying a milkshake from the menu, so we shared an 'Elvis'. Peanut Butter + Ice Cream + Banana = highly calorific but like heaven to my tastebuds. I don't think I could have had a whole on because it was very thick but it was divine and I've been craving another ever since.

The Breakfast Club has 4 cafes in London (for locations see http://www.thebreakfastclubcafes.com/) and one thing it has shown me is breakfast can be an amazing meal.

They offer a take-away menu which is music to my ears, and also serves brunch until 5pm. In the evening, Happy Hours take place and a more 'dinner' style menu is offered. If the breakfast here is anything to go buy then i will def be popping in for dinner one night.

The toliets cheered me up simply by being covered in 'My Little Pony' wallpaper... GREAT reading material (ha!).

All I can say from this blog (which really hasnt done its food much justice) is PLEASE go. Get a groupd of hungover friends together and go. The tea is in bucket sized cups. The portions are double what you would get elsewhere, and the milkshakes were amazing. The coffee was pretty good too.. not bitter and just enough milk in the latte.

Hope this rubbish weather hasn't dampened spirits.. summer is so close!!

Lots of Love

xxxx TTN xxxx

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