Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My lust list July 2011

I hate the winter months. I hate the freezing temperatures. I hate the icy winds. I hate the need to eat anything so long as its covered in Gravy and served with Potatos. I hate the dark mornings and the early evenings. And i hate the fact that a crisp cold glass of wine just isnt the same when the weather is not warm and sunny.

To be honest, if it wasnt for the fashion industry providing me with a gorgeous choice of clothes that i can snuggle in to and keep out the warm- I would make like a goose and fly south for the winter!

So, this is my current lust list that i am having to use a whole lot of will power to not buy....

'Andre' Boots £68 - Topshop

Love these... team with anything from skirts and tights to jeans, capri trousers or maxi skirts

'Jive' Patent Pumps £55- Topshop

Sensible heels that are so so cute. The Nude colour will go with anything!

Pink Wool mix Capri trousers £60 - Topshop Premium
Beautiful colour. Add black and gold for a night out or other muted tones for a demure sophis day time look
Studio Top £39.99 - Zara
Love the structured look of this top... can be dressed down with jeans and pumps or up with lots of jewellery and a pencil skirt
Oxblood formal skinny capri cigarette trouser £38 - Topshop
Love this colour. Its rich and perfect on any skin tone. Add wedge boots or pumps and a see through black shirt would make this look incredible. Day or night.

Nude Waterfall Crop jacket £60 - Topshop
This is a all-year-round jacket. Perfect for us petite girlies, and can be worn to the office or to the pub!

Grey studio top £39.99 - Zara
Love this. Simple structuring that will go from day to night just by adding heels and lots of chunky jewellery
Blue Tulip dress £69.99 - Zara
I have this in floral, and i am seriously contemplating buying this to see me through the winter partying season. I am loving zaras dresses right now. They look far more expensive than they actually are.

Powder Beige Midi Skirt £19.99 - H&M
Beautiful. Team with wedge boots, tights, cropped jumper and skinny belt to look like a lady!

xxx TTN xxx

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