Saturday, 31 March 2012

What I bought March 2012...

I am so so so excited about my very recent purchases made in Topshop today- so i thought i would jump on the old blogger to tell you ALL about them.....
'AEROBIC' Wedge trainers, £48, Topshop

These complete beauties are my latest addition to my ever expanding shoe collection. Totally on trend with the 'Sport Luxe' thang going on in the shops at the mo. A sensible hidden wedge heel is concealed inside these high tops and whats more THEY ARE SO COMFY!

So, what to wear with these amazing treats for my feet?
WELL, firstly (because they are essentially trainers) you can chuck on jeans with a tee and jacket for casual day time activities. Secondly, add a pair of tapered joggers and a cropped (if you are brave enough) tee, loads of jewellery and a armless leather jacket for a bit of sports luxe - perfect for a late afternoon into evening drinking session/bbq.. OR thirdly, a jersey bodycon maxi/midi skirt with a tee or vest tucked in, a waisted belt and again pile on those accessories for a spot of cockatiling after a girlie dinner. Yes I did just suggest a skirt with high tops- SO good right now.

My other purchase was these funky trousers......

Surf tapered trousers, £35, Topshop

Yes, I too was surprised to find myself liking what i saw in the mirror. I actually picked these up without really thinking (I have a tendancy to fill up my basket and try on anything and everything even if i cant afford the item) but I have been looking for something printed to wear as you cannot get away from prints at the moment. Money-wise they didnt break the bank, and they fit surprisingly well.  I'm not brave enough to clash prints so Im going to wear these with a black cami, black jacket and my Kurt Geiger black peep toes for a lovely smart, yet slightly edgy, outfit for evenings cocktailing away in Shoreditch.

Oh, and i bought a Rolling Stones strap top (impluse buy) from good old Hennes...which brings me on to my moan- HOW can people buy band slogan tops when they have no idea who they are??? The amount of girls i see wearing t-shirts featuring the Rolling stones 'Licks' tour slogan and yet i can put money on the fact that they have never ever ever listened to a Stones track in their life let along be aware of who is in the band.... grrr. Okay, calm face on now and back i go to admiring my beautiful shoes! :)

Today was a good day even if the weather has taken a (very predictable) downturn....

Roll on a long weekend next week :D

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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