Friday, 23 March 2012

Zara Lust List March 2012

Its a friday night and for this poor nutritionist, pay day is still a week away and so am keeping company with Carrie & Co away from the temptation of Shoreditch nightlife.
British summer time offically starts this Sunday, eeeeeeeeee, (dont forget we loose an hour peeps) cue: long lazy days in the parks of London with a ice box of  picnic food/beers and maybe a cheeky game of Badminton thrown in for good measure. My lord, I LOVE summer- I feel like this winter has dragged on for far too long and as much as it means the end of my beloved fur coat wearing days (for a few months at least) it also means that the shops are full of wonderful skin flashing garments that i am itching to have in my grasp.

Usually when blogging i make a B-line for the delciousness that is Topshop but this time its all about Zara (also one of my favourite high street stores)  after checking out their latest drop of fashion glorious-ness i simply HAD to share with you all the latest additions to my ever-growing wish list...

Crossover back tee, £15.99

Neon brights? Check. Wear day or night? Check. More bang for your buck? Yeah!!!!
This is incredible! Wear with shorts, cardi and sandles by day then add wedges and peel of that cardi for the night time and show off a bit of skin! I am in love- even if it is in the same colour as a hi-vis.
Double-breasted Raincoat, £59.99, Zara
Classic = Timeless = Wear with anything = Wear in any season = Worth splashing out on.
Ive been looking for a simple mac for ages- I have a grey one from Warehouse that i bought many moons ago which is very cute but its pleated so adds un-wanted volume to my hips. This one, however, is perfect and would look so amazing with a white shirt tucked in to blue jeans and strappy sandles! Winner winner, chicken dinner.
Crossover dress, £35.99, Zara
You have to love a bit of orange in the summer, and this dress is also combining simple lines with that fiesty colour meaning that you can wear with anything at any time. I personally would team with similar sandles to in the photo, and lots of gold bangles with a cardi thrown over. Oh and dont forget big rollered hair and some shimmery bronzer for a Latino-esque look! Now, wheres my cocktail?
Heeled sandles, £39.99, Zara
OH EM GEE.... I actually did a little clap when i saw these beauties.... Neutral colour, Thin ankle strap, loads of detail and a small heel which makes them completely acceptable for long evenings sitting outside cocktail bars after a day of mooching around the shops- and your feet won't hurt when you need to jump on the tube home!!! Perfection!

There are of course a few more but
1. I have way too much text on this post already
2. I cant look any more because my will power is already beginning to crumble!

Are you looking forward to summer 2012?
I hope you all get to enjoy some of the sunshine forecast for this weekend- whatever you are up to!

Lots of love
xxx TTN xxx

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  1. I never really shop in Zara but I'm not sure why, so many people have such gorgeous clothes from there! I love the neon top xx