Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lust list... March 2012

Following up with a cheeky double post session..... Fashion is next on my mind.

Can i firstly say how gutted i was/am to not have anything from the Marni for H&M collection in my wardrobe... BIG SAD FACES. I do understand the concept of collaborations but seriously, whoever decides the stock levels for these things needs another training session- most of the collection sold out in the first day. This means that for fellow workers- we had no hope in hell of having the time to get down to the stores last Thursday. But hey, more money in my pocket to spend on these beauties.....

Topshop £26.00

Lightweight Parka, Topshop, £68

Peplum scuba dress, Topshop, £48
Pink petal swing slip by Boutique, Topshop, £68
Wedge trainers, Ash, £149
High waist scarf print shorts, Topshop, £30
'WATSON' espadrille wedge sandals, £48
Obviously, I dont ACTUALLY have any of these items in my wardrobe... yet.... nor do i have the money to start but hey- one can dream! I think friends of mine are becoming slightly concerned- its been a good few months since i went on a Topshop splurge.... or any kind of splurge. I see these beautiful items but i no longer have that feeling of 'ohmygodimgoingtodieiftheyarentmine' (said without breath) any more. The joys of transition season- its not yet warm enough to warrant the shorts or the peep toe shoes but nor is it cold enough to buy a coat! Oh the pains of my life, eh?

Whats in your dream basket at the moment?

Lots of love
xxx TTN xxx

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