Monday, 19 August 2013

TTN Reviews: Perkier gluten free Flakes

I was very excited when the lovely Ann from the Perkier food duo (Ann & Steve are the masterminds behind this funky company) very kindly sent me two boxes of Perkier gluten free Flakes range to try - Fruity flakes and Red Berry flakes.

The gluten free flakes are made with organic brown rice flour and organic buckwheat flour- the Fruity flakes contain 25% dried fruit (Apples, Cranberries and Raisins) per 350g box and the Red Berry Flakes contain 4% freeze dried berries (Strawberry and Raspberry) per 350g box. The more fruit the merrier in my eyes! They are suitable for vegans, coeliac's and you vegetarians out there too- or, as in my case, foodies who have forsaken Gluten!

I first of all tried the red berry flakes with some cold skimmed milk, then I found myself dipping into both flavours for a sneaky snack handful when waiting for dinner to be ready and then I used the flakes as a topping for my very favourite coconut yogurt for pudding- all with success :) I think next up I will try making some cornflake cakes (everyone loves a cornflake cake, don't they?!)

The texture of the flakes reminds me of Special K - crunchy, crispy with a very very slight chew. They have a mild taste of  Buckwheat to them (obviously)- but this is better masked in the Red Berry variety which I think makes this my overall favourite flavour (but I would love to see more fruit pieces in this variety!).

The packaging is very vibrant which makes a wonderful change to the stereotypical free from packaging I am often coming across (which can be a tad uninviting).

The Perkier team also do porridge- I love the apple and cinnamon porridge pots!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled when shopping at the Free From section at the supermarket (not that you will be able  to miss the packaging!)you can find out stockist information here...give Perkier a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! :)

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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