Sunday, 18 August 2013

TTN Visits: Honest Burgers, Soho

After a late afternoon shopping stint in the West End, there really is only one food that can suffice a shoppers hunger- a burger.

I have read very good things about Honest Burgers but every time I have been near one a rather long queue has meant I have gone elsewhere. BUT this weekend, folks, I got in! The queue for a table had a 40 minutes wait but the high bar stool area near the window was up for grabs with no wait time- so we took it!

For all you Gluten Free readers, you will be as pleased as I was to find out that for  £1 extra they can serve your burger in a GF bun! Perfecto! (I also spied a GF beer on the drinks menu for those that really must not consume gluten)...

We made our order, tummy's rumbling, and after waiting 10 minutes (perfect beer swigging time) were presented with our food prize....

The Gluten Free bun must  get the first mention - slightly toasted on the outside, but soft and sweet in the middle- I was in heaven. I gave a little to The Boy to try, and he was suitably impressed!

The Burger was juicy, but not greasy. Cooked medium but still a bit pink (perfect), and as I went for the Cheese burger- topped with a tangy medium Cheddar and super sweet red onion relish that was just wonderful!

Rosemary chips came with the burger, there are a few other sides on the small menu but I have heard much hype for the chips so didn't really ponder additional sides- they were AWESOME! Still with skins on, crispy on the outside and soft'n'sweet in the middle- they tasted like they had truffle oil on them which complemented the rosemary very well indeed. These chips were so good that condiments were not required, and I am a ketchup lover!

To swig down, I chose a 'Shoreditch Blonde' from Redchurch brewery. I like to try a new pale ale, I find that I savour more than guzzle its flavour so perfect if I don't fancy getting tipsy! The SB was delicious - I shall be looking out for this again!

The bill- for 2 beers, 2 burgers with chips- £24.75... what a bargain! Good food, Good beer and central location for under £13pp? Bravo!!

This place is perfect for a date night, a catch up with friends or even to bring your parents to for a sit down and a decent bite to eat. Go. Eating is believing!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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