Monday, 5 August 2013

TTN visits: The Happenstance bar

Just opposite the beautiful St Paul's is where you will find my latest foodie discovery….....The Happenstance (which means ‘something good that happens by chance’).

With many of London’s key roads (most around where I live) blocked off for the Prudential London bike ride, The Boy and I went for a walk to make the most of a slightly quieter Zone 1... 

On arrival at the restaurant the décor along had me excited – a mixture of industrial pieces, with Scandinavian simplicity mixed again with heritage fabrics and quirky things (okay so Interior designer I am not). The bar area where we sat was light a spacious and, for 3pm on a Saturday, lovely and calm.

As I am the sort of person who will Google a restaurant menu before I actually go just so I get a head start on what to order (the pressure is too much people) I already had my mind set on a burger with gluten free bun.

The menu told me that the burger meat was sourced from Allen's of Mayfair and the gluten free buns came from the WAG free bakery in Brixton (somewhere I have yet to visit but am super excited about). I ordered a burger swiftly with a topping of bacon and cheese, because why not?!

The burger arrived and I was not disappointed- crisp salad, chunky beef that tasted like roast beef and the bun (like my new favourite gluten free find!)  was basically a brioche in taste which is amazing!!! My only critic of the burger  was that it was a bit overdone for me- I like my burgers pinkish but the meat was still moist so not so bad!

We also ordered a ‘trio of chips’ to try – they were served in big enamel canteen mugs and were…
Roman – Truffle oil and Rosemary (My favourite even if a tad dry but at least not greasy)Samuri- Katsu Curry Sauce (smelt strong but no spice and quite fragrant)Cowboy- Honey, Chili and Garlic (great BBQ taste but no spice which was a shame)

All in the name of tasting, I also ordered a ‘Skinny Superfood Collins’ which was a beautiful mix of blackberries, raspberries, basil, agave nectar, lemon and soda water  and apparently 105 Kcals. The cocktail menu is a decent size and there is a good amount of low calorie drinks to choose from which appeals to me.

For sharing occasions, some cocktails on the menu are served in a bath tub – which as I saw was literally a miniature bath tub with 2 vintage tea cups and a ladle. I am so coming again with friends!

I really like this new find- the staff were super friendly, it’s near a great landmark and the cocktail alone would be enough to take me back. I’m sure I will be here in a post again soon!

This place is perfect for bringing family to, or meeting for an early dinner with friends (which will end late because of the cocktails)… the food is great quality and a meal for 2 with a large cocktail, a pint of Lowenbrau beer, 2 burgers and 3 portions of chips cost £48.. which I don’t think is too steep given the portions.

Lots of love

xxx TTN xxx

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