Saturday, 7 September 2013

One year on and 6 years to celebrate.....

As my tummy is super happy after it's meal out - I had to blog to you all!

It's been a while since I have blogged about something other than a food review (which I LOVE doing, if you hadn't guessed) so I thought I would let you in on what TTN has been up to recently....

Today is my 6 year anniversary with The Boy (aka The Guinea Pig) and I am very proud about this. Yes this means today featured lots of PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) on social media but hey, sometimes when something or someone is making you happy you do just need to shout it from the rooftops!

The past 15 months have been a challenge for us as a couple- first I become ill out of nowhere, then 3 months of chaos, then a diagnosis that would change my life forever, followed by a good 6 months of slowly getting my old self back, receiving negative comments from people who believe the stereotype (yawn, go get an education before you decide to make unfair assumptions ... MEOW) and now... well- we are stronger than ever as a couple and as individuals....
My MS is still with me (obviously), but I feel I am managing it all pretty well- I work full time in a high paced job, I join in on social events, I plan things months in advance without fear and I wear heels but tend to choose flats now as I love to walk fast!
I have moments when I know I need to make a B line for bed or chill out, read a book, do a day of strict MS dieting (no dairy, low Sat Fat, no wheat or gluten) and find my focus. But like with any condition- I know that it's just a blip and I will be fine pretty soon. It's not going to kill me.
I had my year neurology appointment a few weeks back - I really like my neurologist. I feel he is my hero- he pushed for me to get on my medication within 2 weeks of my diagnosis, and throughout my relapsing summer was happy to speak with my GP and arrange for me to get steroids given via IM (needle in the old muscle FYI) within hours of me waking up with my second big relapse. I know that when the future requires it- my MS nurse will do the same too! Anyway, the appointment- well he didn't recognise me! I have lost about 2 stone since I last saw him, and after doing the usual clinical tests, he just looked at me and concluded that he was thrilled. I didn't need him to confirm to me as I know that I work hard to keep myself in good condition, but still- it's pretty nice to hear!

So... tonight to celebrate in a quiet way that we have completed another year together - we returned to Barbecoa... I've just has a look through some old posts and I did in fact blog about my last visit in 2011.

After a quick look on the menu we settled with:

- Pulled pork shoulder (with Waffle and Coleslaw)

- Meatloaf (with raw green bean and tomato salad)

- Sides of Mashed Potato, Duck fat chips and Baked beans with burnt ends
I am so happy to report that the food was as good as we remembered!
I had the meatloaf- which was like super soft finely shredded meat,, packed into a brick shape.... I DIDNT EVEN NEED TO CHEW! I loved the Bean and Tomato Salad- the beans were blanched and cool with a delicious and welcome crunch.. the Salsa Verde was the perfect fresh hit you need when eating such BBQ's food!
The Mashed potato was amazing - probably because it had half a pat of butter in it- but for a special occasion it was a treat! The roasted garlic was super sweet and I was in heaven.
The Beans were amazing and made even better when you got a sudden little flake of beef!

To finish, as if we hadn't had enough, we shared a Salted Caramel and Chocolate Sundae which came with a pot of hot bitter chocolate (and coffee, i think) sauce. WINNING!

We toasted to another year with Prosecco cocktails, and sat post-Sundae with a Craft beer for him and i enjoyed a delicious Hendricks martini..

Perfect as we saw the night sky start to show itself and stared at the ever beautiful St Pauls.... How romantic!


My Attempt at a replica of the photo from my Barbecoa visit in 2011..
Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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