Sunday, 1 September 2013

TTN Reviews: Nom Organic Oat Bars

Hey y'all - how are we? All good I hope?
Okay so this weke the team at Nom were very kind and sent me 3 flavours to try out- I do love a nice array of flavours :)

So as it was a glorious Sunday morning, my faithful Guinea Pig and I took a pew on our balcony with caffiene beverage to see what these intruging Nom Bars were about.....

First impressions....I instantly put the bars in the fridge as i felt they looked a bit melty. The bars were smaller and thinner than i expected from an oat bar but as i found out during tasting- these little bars certianly packed a flavour punch!

These bars proudly claim (and rightly so) to be free from dairy, organic and made with only unrefined sugars.

As the bars are made with coconut oil and a varity of unrefined sugars- the bars do have a texture that is greasy, but i think that if more ingredients were used then it would soak some of it up!

I felt that the packaging was clean and pretty honest - always a winner these days. I like to know whats in my food - the labelling gave me the information that i was seeking and without any silliness! Aint no horses in these bars!

Okay so the taste....


A lot of flavour going on for an 'original' flavour- coconut and cacoa nibs. This bar tasted like a coconut macaroon as opposed to the flap-jack taste i was expecting. We both would have loved there to be more oats in this bar!


Not banana-ry as i expected but the nice crunch of the dried banana pieces was a welcome texture. Actually the banana flavour was nice and subtle which can be a good thing given that there was a lot of flavours from other ingredients in the bar. Again, With the addition of more oats and banana chips -this would be extra delicious.

Rasberry and cocao

This bar had Lovely bitter cocoa powder as well as the nibs which helped to calm down the sugary sweetness. The raspberry pieces were deliecious and added a lovely refreshing zing. Infact the combo was so surprising that we both said 'wow'.

More raspberry piecces and more oats needed- this would be the flavour i would buy again!

We trialled the bars as they were but Guinea Pig also felt that these bars would be really nice crumbled over plain cereal flakes as they are packed with flavour.

I love agave nectar and sweeten my tea with it so I felt at ease knowing thta this was used in the 'Nom bars'.

Each 52g bar was not low calorie by any means so i would use these as a treat, although one of these bars is a far better item to swap for that afternoon chocolate bar that i know will feature in so many lunch boxes!

Possible flavour ideas that we thought would be nice to add to the range are Apple and Cinnamon and one packed with Nuts.

A big thank you to the guys at Nom who kindly send me the samples - I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys will bring out next :)

Nom are on Facebook and Twitter dontcha know ;)

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx




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